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  1. You have to actually do 6 FRC 6. It takes a lot of practice. Weird find, sounds funky ! nice job. Curious if the black beat is a type of OTG safety thing.
  2. kaeru

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    WHOA, this sounds HYPE, I can't wait ! Will be there tonight.
  3. You want to also do a mini dash 6P, as well as doing it late. That might be what you are missing. Also, it doesn't work on lighter characters. Robo-Ky is one of the easier characters to practice on and then move up from there. I hope that helps !
  4. kaeru

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    My condolences Heartless, I am glad that you want to be surrounded by friends and that we are the friends you surround yourself with !! We are fortunate to have you. I will be coming to Foonzo on Thursday for gaemz and also to try and tie up loose ends. Money from TSB event: Air: 15$ Pedro: 15$ Rurouni: 70$ Burissu: 70$ Kazuhiro: 70$ Kirbstomp: 70$ Can't wait to plaaaaaaaay, will try to practice for a change XD
  5. kaeru

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    Guys, do we know at least if there is a hotel where most of the guests are already booked?
  6. kaeru

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    I wish I could help you with this one, I have very little Millia experience, myself. For anti-air, learn to rely on block -> Zakuro more, it will even beat safe jumps when performed perfectly. It's nothing like Yoshikin used to be in AC. At neutral, airdash back tatami isn't safe from hair car most of the time. This was pretty painful for me personally when I fought Millia the few times that I did. Looking forward to some more knowledgeable player posts !
  7. kaeru

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    gas cost for TSB was around 120$ and the hotel cost 265$ I would find it easier to just have my original 4 passengers pay for it, but if we want to split up the gas money for everyone and then seperately for the hotels I am fine with it. If it's just my 5, each person owes me around 75$ otherwise.. I don't know :3
  8. kaeru

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    We started a convo in the matchup thread, but no one else added to it. If anyone has some experience to share, please add some info to the Justice matchup thread !
  9. kaeru

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    I am interested, but I sorta feel like having some down time. If all the cars are full and more people want to go, I will definitely go as well and offer the place in my car. With that said, do not plan hotels with me in mind, as I am not going to hold up the planning. For this Saturday, I do have extra guests other then Nedel, so I just need to inquire about the maximum occupancy with Isabelle (it's at her appartment on the north shore). I will let you know this afternoon !! Would you need a pickup?
  10. kaeru

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    I have the room for the people riding with me booked friday and saturday, checking out sunday ! Did it the morning after we discussed. Edit: I would assume your room isn't booked yet DerQ, if that's the case check if there is one available. If not, we can work something else out. There's another red carpet inn about 10 km away.
  11. kaeru

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    Unfortunately I don't know anything about tier lists. Baiken is a good character, I feel like her worst matchups are a lot more manageable now.
  12. kaeru

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    I am leaving Friday morning (anytime between 9~11 am). I have room and you are welcome !