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  1. You have to actually do 6 FRC 6. It takes a lot of practice. Weird find, sounds funky ! nice job. Curious if the black beat is a type of OTG safety thing.
  2. You want to also do a mini dash 6P, as well as doing it late. That might be what you are missing. Also, it doesn't work on lighter characters. Robo-Ky is one of the easier characters to practice on and then move up from there. I hope that helps !
  3. kaeru

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    I wish I could help you with this one, I have very little Millia experience, myself. For anti-air, learn to rely on block -> Zakuro more, it will even beat safe jumps when performed perfectly. It's nothing like Yoshikin used to be in AC. At neutral, airdash back tatami isn't safe from hair car most of the time. This was pretty painful for me personally when I fought Millia the few times that I did. Looking forward to some more knowledgeable player posts !
  4. kaeru

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    We started a convo in the matchup thread, but no one else added to it. If anyone has some experience to share, please add some info to the Justice matchup thread !
  5. kaeru

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    Unfortunately I don't know anything about tier lists. Baiken is a good character, I feel like her worst matchups are a lot more manageable now.
  6. kaeru

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    Learning a new character is a great time to switch to stick (Assuming you are not already used to playing on stick!). You're welcome for the advice, it's our pleasure ! Post back with results from training or any questions. I realized while re-reading my post that some bits might have been unclear. If there is anything you don't quite get let me know and I, or someone else here, will try to explain it differently.
  7. kaeru

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    Hi Sadeyo, one thing I noticed that you could work on right away is the normals that you choose while spacing the opponent. Baiken is a very strange character that has some excessively long range pokes and getting used to them is really important (in my opinion). I would even go so far as to say that her neutral game pokes are more important than guard cancels when it comes to winning. With that said, make an effort to never use her crouching P. It's her least useful poke and would only be needed in a type of frame trap situation where the specific speed and range of it was necessary. The reason why you shouldn't open up pressure with it is that it is actually NOT a low, and has horrible combo starter proration. 2K has the same proration but actually IS a low and 5P is faster and has NO extra combo starter proration. In any situation where you feel like opening pressure with 2P, you're always better off picking 5P or 2K depending on your distance and how much speed you need. But Baiken can shine even more with her longer range pokes. I noticed you use a lot of 2S. It's a very underrated poke because the combo opportunities of it -at a glance- seem poor. Keep using this poke at neutral but be sure to try and outspace your opponent with it. Do not use it point blank. If you can hit with it, it combos into 5f.S which can combo back into 2S until the opponent is completely out of range. This is useful because for both 2S and 5f.S on a crouching opponent, you can combo directly into tatami. If you hit them with 2S and notice they are standing, on most characters you can hit confirm into 5f.S and then combo into a lowest possible j.D. Lastly, if you hit with either 5f.S or 2S and get a counter hit, you can combo into tatami as well. If you focus on only one thing, try focusing on this to up your neutral game and comfort levels with Baiken. This bit is useful to everyone: on the topic of 2S~5S, I recently learned to appreciate it a lot more. If your opponent blocks your max distance 2S without FD, you will 90% of the time be in the PERFECT spacing for a tatami that only hits with the closing portion. This makes it extremely safe and very troublesome for the opponent to move. The slightest forward movement from their hurtbox will get them hit, and in most cases they have to pick their attack/movement carefully or stay and block the closing mat, leaving Baiken free to reset pressure.
  8. kaeru

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    I've never tried setting up a blockstring from j.D -> airdash. This sounds great ! Thanks !
  9. kaeru

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    Thanks for clarifying that Hellmonkey !! So that would mean if you FRC Youzansen and did j.K -> double jump you could actually negate the landing recovery. Very cool, I had no idea. How would you go about jump installing for j.D? Could you give an example with notation, please?
  10. You definitely do not need to change your input to anything else if it works for you !! The most important things are comfort and consistency. If you're comfortable doing it that way and it is consistent, by all means keep it !! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise :3.
  11. I'll try to break this down by parts so you can identify where you're having trouble based on the outcome you are getting. first the 2369 -> This is straightforward, just make sure you don't miss the 3 or you might not get the tatami at the end. very slight delay -> This is to let Baiken get off the ground. Messing this part up will result in no airdash 6 -> Tapping 6 here at the lowest possible height will get the airdash going. very slight delay -> This is to let Baiken finish the airdash startup time, during which the game ignores your inputs. Messing this part up will result in no Tatami. K -> Finally, hit K as soon as the airdash startup is done and you will fastfall the airdash with a beautiful (kire) Tatami. Hopefully this will help you diagnose where you are having trouble. As far as super jump goes, you shouldn't get a superjump but even if you do, it shouldn't matter or harm you in any way. For Youzansen: 62369 -> Straight forward but again, make sure you don't miss that 3, it's extremely important. very slight delay -> same as kire tatami, if you move on before Baiken is airborn, it will result in an empty super jump instead. S -> hit S at the right height to begin Youzansen. The right height is not the lowest possible height, but just a few pixels above it. This makes combing easier. 236KSH -> Roman cancel with K. This part HAS to be done (as much as possible) completely during the hitstop of the Youzansen. Do not do it earlier then that, and make sure it's completely done and you've let go of KSH before hitstop is over. This is the best way to get the tatami out properly. If you mess this up by doing it too soon, you will not even get a roman cancel. If you wait too long to finish the motion, you will get a roman cancel but Baiken's landing will cancel the tatami. If your timing is right, but you get no Tatami, it might be that you missed the 3. If you get a second Youzansen, you need to clean up your motion down to a simple 236 OR make sure you let go of K first -> [KSH] > ]K[. This will prevent any S or H moves from getting negative edged. The difficulty here involves waiting for the right time, and then executing as fast as possible. I hope this helps !
  12. Yes you are absolutely right. The use of j.H in the corner is especially tricky because if you do it with a neutral double jump (instead of forward) you can earn more repetitions of (2D j.K j.H j.Tatami) before needing to go for cross under 6P. Learning to get it to work requires a lot of practice and is character specific.
  13. This time around Baiken simply doesn't have any true reliable B&B. Pretty much everything is situational. Here is a very basic rundown of things that work (generally) mid screen: (character specific) 6K or 2K > 6P > Yoshijin, (late) 6P > Kabari, 6P, Suzuran ~ Zakuro this doesn't work on light characters and needs to be played around with. Maruken has done some crazy stuff on Jam that is different. with some meter: stuff, j.D FRC, ad j.Tatami, land, 2D > j.K > dj.H > dj.Tatami, land, 6P > Suzuran~Zakuro the 2D can be replaced by 6HS on some characters and can be replaced by 6HS > Tatami on other characters a good starter for this is airhit Kabari, ground slide towards Baiken. Kabari air hit, 6HS, j.D FRC, continue as above corner (character specific) stuff, Tatami, 2D > j.K > dj.H > dj.Tatami, land, 6P > Suzuran~Zakuro or stuff, Tatami FRC (or air Tatami) > 6H > Tatami, j.K > dj.H > dj.Tatami, land, 6P > Suzuran~Zakuro Then you can also play around with the different ending where instead of going for the last 6P you do: 6K > 2HS > 6P > Suzuran~Zakuro I know this works well on the testament/slayer type hitboxes but it can be hard to time just right. Sorry for the lack of a better answer to your question, but I hope this helps you get started.
  14. kaeru

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    Unfortunately jump installing won't really change anything about Youzansen. The two main issues being it's very unsafe on block, and the landing recovery after she touches the ground (during which time the game prevents her from blocking). If there was a way to make it safe, it would still be very very difficult to confirm whether it hit or was blocked before you'd have to RC to get the combo. Interesting fact on the topic, even if you FRC youzansen, which is before the active frames, Baiken STILL has to suffer the horrible landing recovery when she touches the ground, even if you did other air moves before landing.
  15. kaeru

    The Good, the Bad, and Ugly as Hell Baiken Matchups

    Just to clarify: Hitstun -> the flinching state a character is in after getting hit Blockstun -> the time locked in blocking state after blocking an attack Hitstop -> the time where the game is completely frozen after an attack connects (block or hit) Baiken's guard cancels are activatable on hitstop, while the game is supposed to be frozen in time. That's the only reason why she ever hit anyone in accent core with Sakura, despite it being ridiculously slow. The lowest level attacks in guilty gear have an 11 frame hitstop, and the hitstop grows as the level of attack increases. 5H is a high level attack, therefore more hitstop. There are some moves that have special, reduced hitstop, especially multi-hit moves. Projectiles are special, and are very risky to guard cancel against, because only the defender is stuck in hitstop. The attacker and the game timer both continue as normal during the hitstop of a projectile. No you can't GC while getting hit, but you can GC while in hitstop from blocking. Edit: qwerty, it's very possible that the reason why you've seen it beat is because it's actually a bit difficult to perform the full guard cancel during hitstop because it requires buffering the input early. If Baiken tries to react and guard cancel, she may already be out of time when the move comes out.