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  1. Thanks for upgrading the site! will send money via paypal when possible +_+

  2. trag

    AC Millia: Combo Discussion

    OK... let's all drop sexual preference or phobias from the discussions. I'm giving everyone a clean slate starting now. Do not bring up anyone's sexual preference. Do not bring up anyone's perceived phobias. Talk about the game. It's that simple. Oh, and no pointing fingers or "he started this" or "he started that". Let's just be over it... ok? Fresh start... starting now!!! Hugs! Thanks a lot! - ben
  3. It's there on purpose. It didn't look/feel right to me when we didn't have it, and it helps to separate the posts. I may try changing it back but it's not really important compared to some of the other suggestions. We will see. A full set of chibi's wasn't available, and some of them were far too large to be used in the small box provided. It's not a hard change, but editing chibis to be even smaller ends up making them look like crap. They actually have to be created for a specific size. The reason there isn't a front page is because every time I set up a site and put a lot of work into the extra features (front page, different sections, video hosting) I get the help of maybe 1 or 2 people and then the bitching of 500 or so. I'd rather just have the bitching than waste my time (and the time of the 1 or 2 helpers) and still get the bitching. Everyone says they are willing to help until the time comes to actually help. On each new site, everyone says it will be different this time... but it never is. Until I see people really put forth the effort, I don't feel like I should either (or ask one or two people to take that burden as well). I can turn them off by default across the whole site easily. Otherwise it will take a bit of coding for just the Video Forum. I'll ask around for someone with JavaScript experience. This can be fixed relatively easily, though I'll need to know all of the images that need alt tags in order of importance. True. I'll look into that soon. For the majority of the stuff (and the rest I didn't address)... I'm going to upgrade VB to the newest version first to see if it fixes some of the stuff. Then we can go from there. As soon as I have time I'll get on it.
  4. What work needs to be done on the site? Why do we need a front page? Nothing wrong with Chipp icons... not my fault you hate him. The colors work fine. They aren't standard but the site is very easy to read. I have yet to receive a single message from you with suggestions... just additional bitching. Not the way to get things changed. Which is why I have promoted Jamie to supermod. Like I said, she has done a lot of work both visible and behind the scenes to clean up the site in the last week.
  5. "In fact, romancancel.com was the first site to actually get an official Guilty Gear info site going for the American community." ? I took that to mean: "...romancancel.com was the first site to actually get an official Guilty info site going for the American community." I don't see how I misread it. Maybe you and your friends should get a myspace account. Since you don't get any info here, or contribute, this site obviously isn't for you. You have become the typical anti-establishment "member" that every forum ends up getting. You can't stand the forum or the management, yet you can't stop yourself from posting. The good news is, I can help make that decision for you if you aren't going to contribute anything but negativity. I havn't prevented anyone from speaking. I set up a site feedback forum so people could voice their opinions. You can try to reinterperet my actions to benefit your oh-so-important humanitarian motives, but it's not going to change the fact that you are part of the problem and not the solution. Congratulations.
  6. Uh... wrong? GCC was around long before RC was. In fact, skuld and FatCat (among others) were helping with all of the translations and frame data for both XX and #R (before RC came about). If that's how you feel, then leave. You obviously just want a forum for something other than GG seeing as you get your GG info somewhere else. It's not turning out like GCC at all. My goal is to prevent that from happening, which is why things are being controlled more than before. The reason GCC went south is because the regulars stopped respecting the site and the people working for it, and if that starts to become the case (like I sense), then those people can leave (or they will be forced to leave). Another section for other fighting games would be nice, I'd really like to see a new thread pop up just for other games. The KoF and Alpha topics were great, and in no way did they need to be closed down. Please do. Sounds like the job of a good moderator, which we can always use more of.
  7. I'm the admin. I set up who is a moderator. A moderator moderates. The Admin administrates. It's pretty straightforward. Jamie came to me asking what we should do about it. I told her that I didn't want the site to become stretched out and try to cover more than GG and GG-related games. Otherwise, it runs the possibility of ending up like GCC (which was just spam after spam and no one even attempting to focus on GG at all). I don't really see people being cooperative. I see people hating on Jamie over a few threads regardless of how much work she has put into the site since becoming a supermod. We have tossed the idea around of another forum (or just making the Doujin forum the MISC-GAMES forum)... but when everything done is received with some form of contempt, it's really not very motivational.
  8. Ok, I will move the reply limit down to 2. However... if it is abused, and the mods don't take care of it, I'm going to move it back up (possibly to 10 or so. unsure at the moment). Does that sound fair?
  9. With some of the people that we will have (judging by the long run at GCC), we would have people purposely trying to get negative rep. Our goal is to promote GG and GG-related stuff, nothing else (for the most part)
  10. I totally understand your inquiry. It was mainly my fault for acting too quick on that thread. Anyway, it's all good. I'll do my best to be a bit more lenient on those types of threads, and concentrate more on the real spam =D.
  11. Professional? Last I looked, no one is making any money on this site. This is a fansite. We are trying to keep it clean. It's not too much for people to put forth a little effort first instead of asking for everything to be spoonfed to them. The thread in question had no info in it. It was a question with nothing but spammed out replies. No one was putting effort into even answering it. Those turn into spam-bait and argument fests because people get their feelings hurt. It's better to cut it off before it starts, rather than let the name-calling and/or negative replies pile up, leaving us with a bunch of ill will towards eachother. This thread is for site feedback and suggestions. Hopefully it can return to it from here on out.
  12. See, this man here understands the good old "play first, ask questions later" approach.
  13. Next time, for posts like yours, I'll leave them closed after an answer is given. Then after a few days or so, I'll delete it. I thought there was a big post on GCC about console specific posts. If not, my bad.
  14. They are getting deleted for high-spam factor. =D Like the basic post rules say, if you don't have anything to contribute, don't bother posting. I'm trying to keep as much spam off the forum as possible. Since we are starting anew here, might as well keep it clean from day 1 and get people used to posting helpful stuff instead off "YEA!" or "LOL" replies etc.
  15. Criz, no rush! =D Just need Sol for now (which also doesn't need to be rushed). Take your time and make your funds =D.