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    [CSE] Relius Clover Video Thread

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    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    after that part u do j.2c allecan, j.b, j.c, 8d, j.2cd, j.c(2 reps), j.2c, j.214c, 8d. Kyle edit: J.2C, Alle~can, J.B, J.C, 8]D[, J.2C, J.C, 2]D[, J.2C, J.C, 2]D[, J.2C, J.214C, 8]D[.
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    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    the way i do it is j.2C, 421CD, 5C
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    [CS1] Arakune Video and Critique Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/user/Adakune UPDATE!
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    [CS1] Arakune Video and Critique Thread

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    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Where do you see I said you couldnt block. Go re-read what I said. Also, Example what i mean when trying to get out with vivace. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkSDPIFVor4 We as in U.S players won't have problems getting out of U.S Arakune pressure.
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    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    yea i had a feeling someone was gonna say vivace, but all arakune have to do is hit a bug once he seen u vivace. once the a bug hits the d bug will come and that will keep you blocking once the d bug hits, he can do bc bug and d bug again which will give him enough time to get to you and go for mixup. all it takes is one random bug.
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    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Arakune CD bugs keep you grounded so jumping out of it is out of the question. When he locking you down with 2a+a bug, and goes for the 214C+D crossup. abug and cbug will keep you grounded and the d bug will prevent you from jumping. Even if you block this he can get an overhead with j.c, 214c and the bird will pop u up into 236C+D loop. Either that or you guard break.
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    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Kyaku been losing, but I wouldnt say he sucks. i'd bet he still beat everyone here. I would say he still going through his experimental stage. 'cause when we first seen Kyaku, it was like 6 or so months after CT was out. He was already great when his videos start coming out. Before him all we had was Dio and I believe Dio isn't that great. but a lot of ppl still believe Dio is the greatest all i say just give Kyaku some time. better yet give carl some time, he still needs developing.
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    [CT] Carl Clover Combos: Clap Trap Inside

    http://rapidshare.com/files/336065165/clip_for_isuyaru.mp4.html I made a video for you isuyaru to get 100% loop. First off regular 2a and the other off a sandwhich string. sorry for the quality, but when i join two clips together the quality decrease Hope it helps. Also, Hammer of thor I seen your match on youtube. If we dont lose you will get them next time. good stuff
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    [CS1] Arakune Video and Critique Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/user/Adakune#g/u BIG UPDATE!
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    [CS1] Arakune Video and Critique Thread

    You do know this is arakune account. it was created for that purpose. www.youtube.com/Adakune
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    [CT] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    on the youtube account theres a search bar. type in the name dio