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  1. Tsubaki 5B

    [CPEX] Tsubaki Video Thread (Updated 7/3/15)

    for the last one you did you could have tried the cross under 2B for the neutral tech
  2. sooo like am i the only one having trouble with the whole j. j.c[c] stuff
  3. Dear god... hmm guys in order for me to comprehend this combo someone's gonna have to do it on video
  4. seems like you were enjoying yourself there lol
  5. that tsubaki played well learned some new things too though i kinda liked the idea of command throw RC into 2C though he didn't do much with it i think there's some potential setups with it he did it at this point just something to make her a bit more threatening
  6. found some CSX matches glad CSX is still alive lol this guy is trying to learn tsubaki thought i'd put it here to keep the forum alive a little (BOLTSTRYKE)Tsubaki Vs (Ragna,Bang & Relius)
  7. ah i noticed something in your combos when you use 236B do you delay it so that you can get them into the corner faster?
  8. dat tsubaki lookin good kiba lol
  9. Tsubaki 5B

    [CP] Tsubaki Changes and Discussion

    indeed good points people are probably still playing her like CSEX though it seems she has more of a mid screen game this time i know she still has great damage in the corner but it seems as though a lot of her options seem to be not necessarily corner only you know? just watching the videos on her in CP and then watched some of her CSEX vids and it felt that tsubaki pretty much needed the corner for a lot not for everything but for more of her dmg and options seemed to gravitate to the corner.
  10. Tsubaki 5B

    [CP] Tsubaki Changes and Discussion

    from what i noticed that it brings them closer to the corner also if he somehow messes up on the punish with 5CC he can just charge cancel out of it with 5CC it pushes them further away from you so it's a bit safer to charge cancel out of it and if blocked just run up grab but that's all i got for now on that hope it helps
  11. no problem demon lord kiba
  12. wow that amane was doing some crazy stuff oh also that setup with tsubaki at 2:55 seems like you could go for a 6A and if they block you could try her command grab because of the slow moving orb
  13. Tsubaki 5B

    [CP] Tsubaki Changes and Discussion

    i noticed at the beginning of the match he 22C and it staggered plat pretty interesting dunno how useful it will be I'm probably late also that CH j.C>5C didn't seem to work maybe bad timing or we gotta 5B again and yes FREEDOM CHARGE but the charging seems slowed down and still leaves you in CH state
  14. Tsubaki 5B

    [P4A] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    lol not home atm -_- i was just wondering is all
  15. Tsubaki 5B

    [P4A] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    well combo wise she's not to difficult just practice but match up wise she's pretty hard to compensate with just comes down to being patient and knowing the right attack the player will fall for right now I'm not sure how to stop yosuke lol now i got a question does it need to start off with a counter hit to do this?