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    New Guilty Gear coming 2020

    Well they found a way to make the already pretty game look even prettier. Stoked for a new Guilty Gear regardless.
  2. If we got Robo-Ky and Anji confirmed at the same time I would be the happiest boy in the world.
  3. New Bedman here I come! Oh and Baiken n Answer too : )
  4. Jocelot

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    Jeah, Rokumon is dank as fuck. I think it might be my new favorite Xrd character theme, everything just hits the right marks for me. I like how it's built on the foundation of Momentary Life while still carrying its own as a unique theme. The guitar is so aggressive and all those weird japanese instruments (like that japanese.... guitar...thing and that japanese flute... thing) really give you that "angry samurai not to be fucked with" vibe. DAMN. Rokumon is awesome. edit- also some of the more aggressive guitar riffs sound alot like the ones heard in Testament's Down For Life, which is awesome since it's my favourite Testament song so that's another win for Rokumon haha.
  5. To this day I still kinda wish they'd make Bedman's idle sleep a command normal.
  6. Jocelot

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    I like to think the mellow piano part is Answer putting you on hold. I agree it's a great theme
  7. Jocelot

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    Is that the name of Baiken's Xrd theme? If so yes I agree. I love it
  8. Well.... it looks like it's that time! Rev2 is out in Japan and right now looks like a dude is doing some Baiken training: https://www.twitch.tv/joniosan
  9. Meh he essentially started to talk shit about SFV while the stream was starting (the clipping issues, lack of 2P rematch options, lack of 1P modes) then kinda fizzled into sarcastic jabs at the state of the game the further in it went. You didn't miss much. The guy love to hate Capcom fighting games.
  10. Pretty sure that was just Mr. Biscuits not so subtly making fun of Street Fighter V.
  11. I had a feeling Anji would show up in Baiken's story mode. I will F5 for screenshots I need to see my man!!!!!!!!!
  12. New moves are cool but I can't help but wonder what that weird aegis/wreathe of leather belts is surrounding Answer, Baiken and Sol
  13. I'm curious if 1HS for Bedman also lost its launching properties like the 2/3 variations did. If so some of his swagnificent air juggles midscreen will be changed. Air Deja Vu is reaaaaaally interesting, though... I just can't think of any crazy potential right now. Ooh maybe using it after a knockdown you could do the j.D instant overhead and if it is blocked you can use Deja vu but if it hits you can RC air dash downward for combo like usual or something.
  14. Yeah from the preliminary description a page back it sounded a lot like Bang's nails, jeah
  15. Nice! I'm wondering what it says about Answer because I dunno what the fuck is going on in his screenshots haha. Some ninja wizardry at work there
  16. Baiken so badass. Her OD looks OD with the added flair like the moon and stuff. Answer looks fresh as hell too. I mean I was hoping for Anji announced with Baiken but I saw a sweet Izuna Drop so end of the day I'm ok with this too, haha. Also I think Rev2 being DLC is the best news ever. Great way to start the day
  17. Maaaaaaaaan Susan is mad fun! It seems I can't get any matches online to try him out vs people though. Seems like I see a lot of 1 and 0 bar connections and the few green connections avoid me like the plague. FeelsHakuMan
  18. Sweet that's good to know. Thanks a bunch guys
  19. Sorry I'm not close to my PS4 to access mah CF but I have a couple questions. Can Susan be bought on the PS store without going through story mode? And is his awesome pink and black color one of his default schemes? Such a dank color
  20. Well that's a sort of relief. And it turns out the leak was right about the SFV Arcade announcement so I guess there is still hope after all! I'll remain cautious just in case this time though. Haha
  21. I wonder if the Anji/Baiken leak was spread by Kanta-kun as well to make his fake Baiken image seem more legitimate. If so than seeing Baiken n Anji at all could be a stretch.
  22. Was it really goddamn Kanta-kun. That's the same dude who did that CvS3 "leaked" image from years back. Fuckkkkk lol. Well at least he's talented
  23. Also... the screenshot looks like Jam is being knocked back by Tatami like how it was in Accent Core, appose to being launched into the air like in #Reload. I think that's how it was. It's been a while
  24. Tatami in glorious HD is truly beautiful to see. But the prospect of seeing Anji again makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. YRC butterfly bby