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  1. Vibe

    [CS1-CSE] Valkenhayn General Discussion

    I would be okay with everything if they weren't increasing meter drain as well.
  2. What's the best/combo way to practice 623~D wiffing in practice mode?
  3. 2A>5B>5CC>6BC>5D3>dash2C>214B~D>2C>2D3>2C>214B~B>JD3>2366A~D>214B~D>orb oki How do I get that to work?
  4. Vibe

    [CS1-CSE] Valkenhayn General Discussion

    Valkenhayn is the Distortion Powerhouse for sure.
  5. Vibe

    [CS1] Valkenhayn Technical Discussion

    Actually, that helped a lot. Thanks.
  6. Vibe

    [CS1] Valkenhayn Technical Discussion

    [h] 5B on Crouching Opponent > 5C > 236C > 9D > j.AA > j.236A > j.236B >7C > j.B > j.B > Land > 5D > 5B > 5C > j.B > j.214B > 9DD > j.B > dj.B > j.C (3.9k Damage, 48% MG) Is there any trick to getting the j.B > Land > 5D > 5B part of this combo? Or am I just gonna have to learn it the hard way. With work.
  7. Vibe

    [CS1] Taokaka General Discussion

    Since I had a snow day, I spent about 9 hours practicing this on the controller and am FINALLY starting to get it down. All I gotta do is learn what to follow up with/all the setups.
  8. Vibe

    [CS1] Taokaka General Discussion

    He techs. Sorry about the seriously late response, but I forgot that I even posted that here. Edit: Also, I practice this against Bang, if there's any problem with that. Edit: I have an idea of what I'm doing wrong now. I use a controller, so this is a total pain in the ass.
  9. Vibe

    [CS1] Taokaka General Discussion

    Figured this would be the best place to post a question? What am I doing wrong if I am taunt looping and my taunt's first hit isn't definite? Does that mean I'm pressing j.2D too late, or am I just not pressing the taunt button quick enough?