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  1. whats up mike? how have you been?

  2. things have been real good, just waiting for bbcs2 so my tager can shine. other then that things have been nice. it sucks u cant play im sure your arakune would be unstoppable.

  3. Ah what's going on man, it has been a while. Sucks to say, but a dead ps3 took me out of the scene for a while and life's just kinda taken over. Miss it like crazy, but I've got a full plate and then some. How've you been dude?

  4. Ahh that makes alot of since haha welcome back no prob bro I always give credit to good players in BB how have u been and happy belated New Years!

  5. whats up man its been a while how have u been?

  6. i wanna thank you for posting my name up, btw ur wondering what happened to OutlawAssassin? well its pretty funny but OutlawAssassin was two different people, a ragna and a tager. i am the tager. when bbcs came out i was able to finally buy my own ps3 so here i am lol you have been playing me all along. : D