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  1. Good Games to the KOFfee people. too many Shens... mr first kof tourney. was fun. See you guys again!?! NCI's become quite Blazblue driven now. lots of new faces I don't know or recgonize anymore lol. GG and Melty be hiding in the shadows. on in Rod's basement where he locks all the children in.
  2. Good seeing Everyone Again. Shout Outs to Chun running stuff and dealing with an extreme level of trolling thanks to me. Shout outs to Tsubasa for playing KOF XI with me. Shout outs to Tone for being hella gangsta otaku. Shout outs to KatanaDash for running Googly Gear. THOUGH WE REALLY NEED TO START THAT TOURNEY SOONER! 6PM IS RIDICULOUS. Shout outs to QUASH for not coming and being my partner in crime for KOF. No Shout Out for Tenaki cuz Vampire Hunter is better than Vampire Savior. Shout outs to Honnou, stay Free in GG and ever other fighting game : D. Shout outs to Magz for streaming stuff. You owe me a Dizzy statue still but i'll forgive you if you buy me a Kasumi at Fanime. Shout outs to SpiritJuice for chickening out of our money match in WWE All-Stars and Sailor Moon S... Good Luck at those heading onto EVO2011. if anybody wants to keep in touch, you can hit me up on AIM: YaR 1030 or PM me here, but I rarely sign on. Also Tsubasa, a favor to ask since you have the stream recording. Can you give me my match vs. Magz Slayer?
  3. I have Vampire Darkstalkers Collection on PS2. But no hype for darkstalkers. U all should play KOF. Tenkai if I show up, I'll bring it for you. Though I still await Spirit Juice to money match me in Sailor Moon S and WWE All-stars. as we agreed $100
  5. If you want to get my PSN or XBOX gamertag, Just ask me via PM. Usually people find me through AOL Instant Messenger. Thanks for Visiting, Have a good day. I Love Kasumi

  6. Is the next one this Saturday the 5th? I'd like to come but I am terrible at fighting games. At least I can make new friends I guess. also does the event end at a reasonable time? don't want to stay out till midnight. not really an evening owl...
  7. YaR 1030


    lol mugen. dropped this stuff hella months ago. I'm surprised to see this thread still around here. and I see mimeblade still working on dat Ky
  8. YaR 1030


    Muteki Released a Sol. it's XX-Reload. and updated everyone but like 2 chars. the update patches are the japanese text above the portriats in blue font. http://drinvincible.hp.infoseek.co.jp/
  9. YaR 1030


    lulz, broken mugen chars suck.
  10. YaR 1030


    :_; yea i know wut you mean. my mugen knowledge is very limited too. the moment muteki gives me a reply we can start somewhere. and about the 256 color thing, i think the .png's need to be converted to a .pcx though a special method but i don't have a tutorial on hand. when i tried it, i did it wrong and the black background was there but a part of the knee went clear. also the sprites need to be facing player 1's side. but that's not hard to flip around
  11. YaR 1030


    ;_; Aegis, some sprites are over 256 colors so they can't work in mugen. but darn..,.,I was never able to get a hold of Muteki and he's the only one who made Robo-Ky and Jam. (or at least good ones). And the original person who got permission to edit Muteki's chars only got a e-mail/msn. but still no reply. I can see you put so much work into the Jam-Set it makes me sad to tell you that we might not be able to make it now ;_;. try asking others again. maybe they'll be able to help. i'll just keep waiting till muteki ever replies. if he does, i'll contact you and we can discuss more... ;_; bleh, im sorry we can't make her now. also i didn't give out the sprites or anything to anyone so your work is still safe and i'll delete the set if you don't want me to keep it either.
  12. YaR 1030


    Got It. It'll be awhile to make but thanks xD
  13. YaR 1030


    @Aegis, Yea' i understand, i'll try to keep pestering muteki. i'd post in the BBS board but uh...it's password protected.... but no rush, just send me what you want to when you're done. and @2nd_God, lulz
  14. YaR 1030


    http://taiyakiugh.hp.infoseek.co.jp/ for GGX Dizzy and Millia, Athena 96 and Last Blade Hibiki. By Nana it uses .DGC or .GCA format so you'll need to open it with one of those programs. and yea i'm a dude. () Edit: wait what is Fruit basket? i googled, some kind of anime with powerpuffgirls fat head big bug eyes. nevermined.,.,.,
  15. YaR 1030


    Lol i like how our convo is going. if that's the case, using muteki as our building block would garuntee a fairly nice Robo-Jam. but considering the "omni-psych" chars edited from muteki's stuff. i think robo jam should be alright. and i think i like girls, i dunno. like if i saw a handsome guy, i could say, that's one handsome man. but i wouldn't do anything homo. oh yea another GGX creator named Nana said it was ok to use his stuff as long as credit was given but he only made GGX Millia and Dizzy.