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  1. tolore

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    new interesting stuff. Corner combos whatever->tatami->2d->jump->j.p->j.k->jump cancel(?)->j.H->tatami. He kept dropping the combo after that but it looked like he could do more. Mid screen combos possibility whatever->5H-> triple tatami again didn't actually combo after this but it looked like it could be possible. still haven't seen essentially any counters used, I think I've seen two sakuras, both landed but didn't do anything after it. edit: also kabari->6HS->IAD->stuff edit again: mid screen stuff->tatami->FRC->IAD->j.s->j.d
  2. tolore

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    Yeah hopefully today we'll see some more Baiken play, see if they discover anything cool, with how drastic the changes were there's a lot of stuff to mess around with. 6P->6K definitely comboed sometimes, but I saw him whiff it. I wasn't paying enough attention, it may have been only hitting with one of the hits of 6P, or maybe he just did it faster/slower. It'll be interesting to see what gets discovered.
  3. tolore

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    Anyone see baiken on the stream last night? The one I saw was experimenting with combos and not really finding anything good. No knock down and low damage on everything. Counters were also looking sad, but hopefully it's just because everything is pretty different. IT does look like we can combo off of yoshijin, he even got a 6H off yoshijin on non counterhit, but he didn't combo into, just a raw yoshi.
  4. tolore

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    hmmm what's the recovery on suzuran, could be a nice 3 way mix up on oki, early suzuran->low, suzuran->ouran->frc, suzuran->ouran, I guess that also assumes knockdown is long enough or she can start the run early enough. edit: ah 30 frames recovery, way too many, if only the counter time extended into that!
  5. tolore

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    6HS new star of combos if we can manage it? Still hits hard and builds WAY less meter. Kabari counterhits may be pretty brutal now, and if we can ^HS off of corner stuff with new tatamis, or kabari air hits etc.. could be pretty neat. Kabari new on hit is bad ass as well. edit: also agree with above, sakura and ouran are losing the "freeness", much harder to use properly but way more reward(specially on ouran, frc and more guarenteed combos is sweet).
  6. tolore

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    hmmm interesting, you could get potentially really far pretty safe travel with suzuran-k counter-frc, and depending on how early H counter is in the air you could time suzuran so you hit the range they can low you and low crush with H count, though that's not nearly as safe.
  7. tolore

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    For the suzuran changes does that mean she can guard cancel if without block on suzuran? If so where in the animation, that could be really cool.
  8. I'm in for GG teams and singles if they happen.
  9. tolore

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    I think marvel actually stipulated that shuma gorath had to be a DLC character or they couldn't have the rights to it. It makes some sense, shuma gorath is completely not relevant to stuff marvel is doing today and no one I have EVER talked to knew who the hell he was before mvc2. Capcom likes shuma a lot though and really wanted him in. I also heard jill and shuma were supposed to be available day 1 but there were some technical issues.
  10. unfortunately i can't go up to illinois around christmas/new years since I'm heading up for my grandmothers 90th birthday next month.
  11. tolore

    [GGAC] Baiken Guide: Read this first!

    Not sure if the guide will ever be updated, but feel free to ask any specific questions if you have them. Looking at the guide the only thing that was really left blank was the keeping pressure on, which is hard for baiken to do, the best thing you can do is space yourself well when you get them in the corner(which you will because of j.d) and end blockstrings in tatami FRC.
  12. tolore

    The Good, the Bad, and Ugly as Hell Baiken Matchups

    for the wake up thing, I believe any knockdown that leaves you face down(which is most air throws) removes cross up guard, this is how say robo ky can air throw and then do an ambiguous horsey cross up, all you can really do is watch for the cross up or guess. If he is just standing on one side of you you just have to block like normal, nothing special. I can't give any real general advice for the chip matchup since our chip player hasn't played for years and I don't remember it all that well. Just make sure you have good hit confirms, even really weak combo starters are going to mess up chip really bad, so make sure you make the most out of every hit.
  13. tolore

    [^C] Baiken [MEDIA]

    Here's one of me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjTrZ-hajbM I did alright, some dropped combos here an there, some stuff that didn't make sense(forward heavy after sakura FRC? twice!?), and a couple tiems where i did far slash and didn't even ATTEMPT to j.d afterwards even though that's super easy on potemkin.
  14. Thanks a lot to you new guys who showed up, glad to here you guys had a ton of fun, start showing up to the tuesday/thursday meets! Polka thanks a ton for running, I know a lot of people were giving you a hard time and it was a stressful situation, I hope the rough times didn't sour you on hosting tourneys(the more people we have willing to do it the better!). IF you have trouble with setups again(assuming same venue) just ask me, this time I had the stuff we needed all along in my trunk and even if i didn't it's like 20 minutes round trip max o get to my house. Large tournaments are always gonna run long, and free tournaments at anime conventions are always gonna have flaky people that are gonna make it longer. I had tons of fun and would gladly go to one of your tournaments again! Thanks a ton to people who donated prizes(especially robo alex/christian with their triple digit donations, and rebecca again for donatin gstuff on top of running the whole thing), way to support the scene guys!
  15. pft some of us washington guys drove 15 hours to calgary and killed a moose that was in our way to play GG!