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  1. ATG Warlord

    How to airdash after the Chemical Love

    @Diveman you're doing the JI version which has stricter timing than the TK'ed one. Your inputs are correct, but I think you're not doing the dash fast enough. Focus on speeding up the second 6 in the 6FRC6 part. I had the same problem recently, but adding more speed to the second 6 solved it. The reason is that I-no falls to ground-state much quicker in JI version, so the timing of the second 6 is very, very tight. If that doesn't work, then you might be inputting the first 6 so early that you're exiting the airdash window which is 12 frames. 7-8 frames before FRC is optimal.
  2. ATG Warlord

    How to airdash after the Chemical Love

    i see so AD wastes my jump options. so the times i was 6frc6'ing off airdash might be me accidentally JI'ing the last 5H
  3. ATG Warlord

    [CP] Litchi Faye Ling - Gameplay Discussion (Read first post!)

    why isn't anyone using kokushi anymore? I used to love that super
  4. ATG Warlord

    How to airdash after the Chemical Love

    Thanks! That's exactly where my problem was. I thought about the first 6 and tried delaying it and whatnot, but never suspected my last 6 speed until I read your post and gave it a shot. Now my 6FRC6 is very consistent thanks to you. Edit: Does HD > AD retain jump install? I find it weird as I sometimes do HD > 96 > j.S > j.H > 5S> 5H > HCL 6FRC6 ... but the airdash seems to come out randomly as opposed to manually JI'ing between 5S & 5H which is much more consistent.
  5. many thanks I will try those methods this weekend.
  6. can you guys share your way of jump installing 5K into HCL and 5HS JI HCL... like inputs. it has been bothering me. I tried a bunch of input variations for 5K JI and the one I'm using now is 63214K7896K 6FRC6 but its a bit slow for punishing bursts and some reversals and my success rate with it is pretty low. As for 5HS JI, its just weird ... I agree with Diar on "awkward hit stun feel on st.hard slash"
  7. ATG Warlord

    ACCENT CORE General Discussion

    I see Thx Tae
  8. ATG Warlord

    ACCENT CORE General Discussion

    how to do 6K > hammerfall i've seen fab do it
  9. ATG Warlord

    Good controllers for PC? (#Reload)

    A Qanba stick is a good investment http://www.amazon.com/Qanba-Q4-Q4RAF-Black-Fightstick/dp/B007SGGLZW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1349859273&sr=8-1&keywords=QanBa
  10. ATG Warlord

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    thanks mynus. I-no looks very strong in R
  11. ATG Warlord

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I can see myself spamming the shit out of f.S ... very nice change. jc'able STBT is really useful ... this move is really great now. Has two FRC's for mixups and whatnot, throw invincible, low stance, and now JC'able ... *drools* Also, did they decrease the startup or recovery of 6HS? it looks faster to me for some reason. Any changes on the hitbox of HCL? Appreciate the Info!
  12. ATG Warlord

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I don't think it's 'lack of damage' in BB that deterred people. More like the 'long combos' which get really boring after a while. Mynus, what're your impressions of the new I-no?
  13. Happy Birthday waifu-sama (=^!^=)

  14. I plan on maining I-no when GGAC gets released on PS3 on October. I'm currently playing reload on my PC and have a couple of questions about her in #reload. *Can she do HCL 6FRC6 in reload? if yes, then some sample combos would be appreciated. *What's better, JI or TK HCL? *Are her FRC timings different from version to version? like between reload and Accent Core. *I noticed (maybe it's just me) her FRC timing on HCL differs when on whiff, hit, jump. Is there a way to pull the FRC consistently in these different situations.
  15. ATG Warlord

    [P4A] Yukiko Amagi - Q&A/FAQ Thread

    I noticed some Yuki players OS 236D/C after ground to air #B (# could be anything from 1,2,3,5) My question: what is the optimal distance and height for OS Maragi to connect and not miss; some combo followups would be much appreaciated. What are some alternatives for Maragi in case it is guaranteed to miss?