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  1. BeaverDeity

    [CP] Video Posting Thread

    Just briefly looking over the thread, I didn't see this posted yet but I could be wrong. Here are the videos from Arc Revo 2014. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWXECDguUj3M0s8OthIloRg/videos If this was posted already just remove this post.
  2. BeaverDeity

    [CP 2.0] Changes Discussion

    Yeah at first I was totally skeptical about how they would make the two characters different but they play totally differently. I watched some video and Nu players would use their gravity as a zoning tool while the Lambda players would use their gravity seed to FC punish or whatever. I don't think that one is necessarily better than the other but just that their functions are completely different. Nu's ranged game seems to be stronger because of her swords having lots of versatility, the ability to cancel her moves with more fast special moves, gravity seed being on a lower cooldown and the differences in the parser moves, but then again Lambda has moves like Exiga Nail and Parser Zwei and stuff to be used for something different, like mid screen mixup or going in on someone. But yeah from what I've seen Nu is kind of going back to her CT roots a little bit while Lambda kind of goes along the CS route in terms of playstyle. It'll be really interesting to see where they go from here. Not really sure if we can say which one is better or whatever yet, but I think it's safe to say that their functions are way different and their playstyles are kind of drawn from two separate sources.
  3. BeaverDeity

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    Anyone want to play sometime today?
  4. BeaverDeity

    [CSE] Lambda Simple Questions And Answers Thread

    If you land a close range hit you can almost always confirm it into sickle oki (236D) and force them to block incoming mixup. Let's say for example you hit an opponent with a 2B, you can confirm it into stuff like: 2B->6B->2C->5C->3C->(Knock them down)->236D. The 3C will knock them over and then they wake up into a 236D, being forced to block. This is Lambda's safest way to ensure pressure on an opponent, and gives you a free mixup. If you're asking about how to initiate into close range and force someone into this type of situation, then it's a bit harder to explain. However, I can say that for the most part, Lambda's rushdown mixup is still fairly strong and can be applied in a similar fashion when compared with other characters.
  5. BeaverDeity

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    Maybe later tonight/sometime tomorrow if you still want to play around then.
  6. BeaverDeity

    [CSE] Lambda Video Thread v2

    lol backdash op
  7. BeaverDeity

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    lol this has happened to me so many times. Stomp people, lose once and the one match I lose gets uploaded to youtube.
  8. BeaverDeity

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    Probably the same place Tager falls from would be my guess.
  9. BeaverDeity

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    GGs to Shiori, EXE Kobato, Spartan and Aldreat yesterday. Sorry my net crashed lol
  10. BeaverDeity

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    Enough flops to fry a legion of pancakes. GGs to everyone I've played in the past few weeks, sorry I haven't posted here but I've had computer problems.
  11. BeaverDeity

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    GGs to Herpd, Goldchampion and everyone else I've played recently. Sorry I left on such short notice but I had to go do some errands.
  12. BeaverDeity

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    GGs to Nemesis, Newb, Torenko and anybody else I played recently.
  13. BeaverDeity

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    GGs to Shelled, Stayfree, Sleep II Terror and Ronilo. Dat double yomi gold burst ftw
  14. BeaverDeity

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    Dangit my phone always glitches and turns off randomly. :U Btw GGs to Sukurabu, Redblack, CMSORA and that one Noel player that was in the room. I think his name was Wroths?