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  1. Thanks for the responses guys...I got it now. The height comments helped with regards to fixing the issues I was having. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Another nubbie execution question: For any wolf air combo that goes j.B > 3D > j.A > 5D > h[2C > etc], I am bad at getting the h2C input to come out properly. Instead I tend to take the easy way out and use h[5B] and I know I'm missing out on some damage or better extensions afterwards. I either accidentally input 2D after the j.A or I whiff the h2C because I'm late. Any advice on this one? Thanks...
  3. Thanks for the help! I was waiting too long to hit 5D after w236A
  4. Hi guys, sorry if this is a dumb question but I seem to be having trouble with this transformation: 5C > 6D > j.A > 5C > 236A > 5D > h[2C > 236A > etc. I'm not sure if the opponent isn't getting high enough in the air after w236A? I'm always late on the h2C part. Any tips or visual indicators to look out for to help with this one?
  5. snipermav

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    thanks for the info! Unfortunately I am visiting other family in the LA area on Friday and Saturday so I'll miss the stuff going on at Frubble on Friday night, but hopefully I'll be able to catch the Rebel Up event on Saturday.
  6. snipermav

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Hey guys, how's it going? I'm a Blazblue player from the Kansas City area, currently on vacation and visiting my parents in San Diego (Vista). Looks like I'll be able to make it to an arcade in the LA area sometime Saturday, and was wondering what arcades had CS:EX cabinets. Is it true that Super Arcade has one? Do people even play on Saturdays or are most going to UFGT? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I was having trouble with the relaunch combos but it turns out I just needed to grind them a bit more before I started hitting them consistently.
  8. Sorry if this is a dumb question guys, but what are you doing for standing midscreen BnBs against Carl and Valk since 6C>j.D whiffs?
  9. Hi guys, The Kansas City community has a few players coming that would like to participate in the BB tournament: snipermav prod1gy blackphantom DatBoiSTL blargh (maybe) dhoppler (maybe)