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  1. yeah i should be i think idk ima be on every day this week i go back to school next week

  2. i don't use my japanese account. Are you going to be on today?

  3. dont use what GG or your Japanese account? still yo ima need you to help me out when you ever get back on psn

  4. I have a Japanese account, that's how I got GG before the US, but I don't even use it lol

  5. my boi got a new acc n dont be telling any1 thats that hurt yo

  6. I just haven't been on my main account cuz i have nothing to play! :< Yea GG was a big let down but it is gonna get patched up in spring with "+R" & they are going to improve net play so i will just wait for that.

  7. a yo my boi did u die or somthing u dont be getting on anymo? well if u dead mail me yo ps3 k

  8. lol yeah ok we dont even play anymore ma boi

  9. I get it from playing you ;P

  10. boi you trash still saying u da best bang on psn.

  11. The amount of time you and I have spent knowing or talking to eachother equates to ABSOLUTE ZERO!!! -Tha Hindu