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  1. JG

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    Damn... it seem you are right. RIP Carl. Also, with that in mind the j.B+3]D[ UB suck now.
  2. JG

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    I was messing around with this route: j.B+ 3]D[ UB>|> 5B> 6B> 623C> 623]D[. sj.B> j.B - j.C> 421]D[> |> 5C> j.B-j.C >|> 421]D[> j2.C~Allecancel >j.B-j.C> |> 46]D[ > 66 6A> sj.B> j.B - j.C> 8]D[. The last part is very tight, but if you do it quickly you can connect sj.B> j.B-j.C. Sadly, this combo deal around 3.3K.... terrible if you consider the execution that requires. On 1.1, this would easily surpass 5K. If you add Fermata after the 8]D[, you will deal around of 4.4k. Ending it with OD oblivion isn't worth it, even with the OD overdrive will not pass the 5K. If you want to deal damage after an UB, i recommend you using the j.B + 4]D[ UB. A good one that deal more than 4k is this: j.B + 4]D[ UB> CT> 5C> 421]D[> j2.C~Allecancel> 5C> 623]D[ sj.B> j.B - j.C> 8]D[. If you end it with Fermata, i think that you would deal 5K+.
  3. JG

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    From my understanding, Japanese player never tend to end with 8]D[>3C. Is true that you deal a little bit more dmg, but you also waste more nirvana metter and you get no oki. The reason why you should always try to end the combos with j.C or allegreto is for the knockdown. You will land first and you can go for any mixup after you land with Nirvana.
  4. JG

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    Fellow Carl Players!!!!! This is my gift for you!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M7KYbVOepQ Lets make Carl SSS class character again!!!!!!
  5. JG

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    Carl have UB loop again without the need of meter... Is hard, but is very probably that will work with all character.
  6. JG

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    If you have the metter.... why not going for this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zz5VebG_-c Maybe Carl is balanced now = (
  7. JG

    [CPEX] Carl Clover Video Thread

    More combos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZ2NWgi7054 The first one, is pretty sick. I supose that CT> 46]D[ > 5C> 6C > 5C is the way to go now.
  8. JG

    AirdasherChile BBCP Stream

    Just messing around in BBCP 1.1 with some friend. Chilean stream = ) http://www.twitch.tv/airdasherchile
  9. JG

    [CP] Video Posting Thread

    [bBCP 1.1] JG Carl Combo Video - Blue Puppeter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZw89Rl2EUM
  10. JG

    [AC+R] Video Posting Thread

    A very old Eddie Combo video... I don't remember if it was posted here. [GGXX AC+R] JG Eddie Combo video - Trying to be broken https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D1iTNqq1-Y
  11. JG

    [CP] Video Posting Thread

    [bBCP] JG Carl Combo Video - Reaching New Heights http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBAvbbLvbbY
  12. Well i supose that is the local matchup chart, saw on the stream. Still, you can find that chart here http://youtu.be/hmi36B2MqvU?t=15m56s
  13. I have one question.... the tier list that that is showed by a Japanese BBCP arcade, is a global tier list? like a compilation of all the result of all BBCP arcade machine in Japan, or is just a tier list based on the result of that solely machine. I wonder this because the arcades are connected via Nesica.
  14. JG

    [CSE] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    Well, is not like that this setup is a "must learn" against Tager. You can still use the other corner UB setup, the one with IAD but! it consume more Nirvana gauge and the dmg isn't as good at this Tager only setup. I also notice that Carl can solo combo Tager with the Dash cancel and carry him to the corner... but, that timming is not like CS2, so is more hard doing that and trying to move Nirvana while carrying Tager to the corner. After watching the vid and keep asking myself? "how can i be more OP"... i remember! that after that setup you can go to the Fermmata UB setup! would you imagine that? that Dmg! xD... The magic of execution >_< PD: I never learner the fermmata ub setup U_U
  15. JG

    [CSE] Carl Clover Combo Thread

    I didn't know where to put this, because the EXT video section for Carl is locked. Just for fun and nothing fancy, the setup that Kyaku used against Tager at GopsGarden #5 + some thing. I hope that you like it! ^^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYJoZdFBbTo