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  1. For Terumi, I was thinking of using his 2 hit upwards kick move (Which I believe is 5CC) to create a sort of instant overhead set-up, depending on the start-up of his overhead air normals. So like 5C > rapid > jA/B/C > Combo. It should work considering the first hit of 5C seems to put him airborne. I'm not sure how well you could implement a 50/50 mix-up game, since players can just always block Terumi's 5C~ high, so this (providing it works) becomes useless.
  2. Kujikawa

    The "Picking a Main" thread

    They do.
  3. Whoa late answer but... Hyuna :)

  4. Still got the Valken-milk picture? Can't find it anywhere and I wants it :3

  5. I hope golden plat is available and not banned. Best colour.
  6. Well you ARE named after Rise, I wouldnt expect anything less~

  7. I don't care for anyone cuz' I'm a heartless bastard.

  8. Since when have you cared about the infamous Trig? :p I just feel like a new identity mostly.

  9. I asked an Admin. You can't change your name! What would happen to the infamous DevilTrigger :'(

  10. How did you get a name change? I want one as well

  11. oh...okay cool. you must be cool with some people to do that @_@

  12. I asked an admin btw.

  13. @_@ how do you keep changing names???