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  1. Lockhart

    [CP] ยต12: Gameplay Discussion

    I have put quite a bit of time into Mu-12 since CS2. Not enough that would have made me want to use her in tournaments, but she is definitely the only character besides Valkenhayn that I have ever had a real interest in. Currently using nothing, but her in CSE... because she is more entertaining. Of course, it all seems a bit ironic that I am using her now that everyone is saying she is ' broken ' in CP. *Sadface* Some of her changes in CP do look strong. 6B > 6C Gatling seems a bit nuts when just thinking about it. I think what is pulling me in more, though, is the ability for aerial habakiris. Well.. this is ontp of the fact that it looks like you simply have to do more with her to obtain the things you want. To those posting all of this WONDERFUL info... Thanks! I'll continue to lurk about. ... Maybe talk? D: I need a new home~ Valkenhayn forums are barren.
  2. Lockhart

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    GG mAc. If you experienced any lag from me during the one match we played, then I apologize. It was more than likely my fault. @_@
  3. Lockhart

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    When I decided to not be a douchebag? :x
  4. Lockhart

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    GG to MrAnima and nejimetroid. Been too long since I played this game. The dropped combos~
  5. Lockhart

    [P4A/P4AU] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    Ranking system is definitely something... special. I think I went a good 10 matches while winning only to get a ' lose to rank down ' match on the 11th. Good thing I won, but really? GGs to whoever I ran into on ranked. Shoutouts to random Air Grab Kanji's. I <3 you. Guess I should do more player matches with other people than the ones in my own community... Since that really is where everyone is at. ;x
  6. lol good move to ditch mitsuru, she's s-tier? and even the well-tempered japanese complain about her. you're better off picking Aigis, unless you want to do chie mirrors with DC. truth be told, i didn't know about tiers until cs1--when all the banter was "hurr hurr s-tier lol bang". STILL, cs1 WAS the time to complain about valkenhayn lol his damage output was just...but i think most of the complaints stemmed from unfamiliarity with the match-up and dealing with all the ambiguity. like, why the hell was 236c an overhead?! fffffff by late cs1 i gained some general match-up experience and it was sufficient because there were no valkenhayn poster-boys in NA (at least, to my knowledge there were none on netplay) i met Adonis in cs2 and Tony in cs:ex which helped me

  7. You~?! I had to deal with the SAME SHIT when I started playing the game, as well. I knew nothing about tiers... nor did I even care about them. I started CS1 with Bang and then transfered to Valk PURELY because not only did he match my playstyle, but I loved the character. Ever since then, it's been comments about my apparent tier whoring. As for P4 characters.. I am mostly interested in Aigis and Chie. ... Was heavily into Mitsuru, until I realized that there are just too many of that bitch around for my liking. My final straw was the slew of mItsuru mirrors I watched. The fucking pain...

  8. NOOOO-HO-HOOO i will NOT be playing yosuke...i might actually not even play persona. game play looks repetitive, boring character designs, etc etc. while i DO main ninjas almost exclusively, i don't like yosuke at all. i like akihiko and narukami, but everyone in florida seems to like akihiko, and narukami, according to some is like A+ tier. i don't know how i survived all that salt in cs1 as a bang main, but i won't go through it again in p4u as a narukami player. hell, i almost didn't play cs:ex because of how good bang looked in the onset. very important to genuinely like the characters you play, and bang is the only character i like in bb

  9. LOL I understand, now. Well, good thing that you have shown me the truth and I can now, proudly, retract my statement. :P Good stuff, there. Also, sorry that I didn't see your message in the thread til MUCH later. The lot of us ended up doing other things and the idea of BB got thrown to the wayside. That aside, rumor has it you're gonna be playing Yosuke in P4A. ... He is on my radar, as well.

  10. OH SHIT! lol i finally figured out why you said what you said about my piano playing...DC's stupid youtube upload -_-" i hadn't played nor practiced that arrangement in almost a year, as i tried to explain to DC. i DID compose that arrangement. here's the first recording: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJFdv12SiIY and compare it with the midi recording: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24Y5IXUxASw

  11. Lol Thanks. If it weren't for you, Solidplay and a majority of the scene here in SC, I more than likely wouldn't have progressed this far. :P I don't quite understand Shadow Labrys, as I have not seen many videos of her. Aos is interested in regular labrys, though. As for fighting games and/or gaming in general? There are definitely some community oriented things that have pushed me to this point. ( I'm sure you can understand this. ) However, those are heavily outweighed by the life issues that have come about. Well.. I guess I can't really call them issues. More so getting my priorities straight.

  12. Good shit on placing 2nd at CEO! However... "It will be the last major I attend." Sadface. I understand though, you do what you gotta do. Life outside of FGs > FGs. As for P4U, I'm leaning towards Shadow Labrys. Ridiculous damage and a battleaxe? Yes, please.

  13. Well... I have been good. Hard work finally paid off and I took second and the recent major. ( CEO2012 ) Though due to some life oriented issues, it will be the last major I attend. Not so much into guilty as some of the other people here, but I am super excited for P4U. I am currently stuck as to which character I want to play. ( Aigis/Mitsuru/Yosuke. ) I'm sure I'll figure it out with time. And I understand you when you speak about gaming now days. I haven't been doing much of it myself since CEO ended.

  14. Lol. Haven't had any reason to even turn on my 360 lately other than FFXI, and even that has been getting harder to do these days. Honestly, I'm just really disappointed with gaming in general right now. It's not that I don't want to play games anymore, I just really don't like the direction gaming has headed in over the past couple of years. But I'm getting too off topic. How ya been man? We are definitely still bros, just as every friend I made playing BB is, so feel free to message me here anytime. Are you going to play the new Guilty? The local scene here has already picked AC back up to shake the rust off, and some people are expressing interest in P4U as well. Just last night, I had some really good sets in AC with Solidplay and Raekwon187. I got bodied hard, but I'm learning, lol. A.B.A. is too much fun, I feel so much about her is similar to Hakumen.

  15. D: So you quit BB and stop coming on XBL altogether? I thought we were friends! :P