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  1. Killey

    [LM] Arcana Heart 3 Q&A Thread

    How's the net code for the Steam version?
  2. There are multiple uses for YRC outside of interactions with your swords in neutral and mix ups. Air dash YRC is good with Ram and you'll several Japanese Ram players do this. The air dash YRC makes her fall fast (like any other character) and allows for good air approaches and keep you safe from anti-airs. There's a couple of gimmicks you can use with YRC to sneak in command grabs. Detruo YRC at the last minute into a command grab is a nice gimmick because it forces the opponent to block high and the last thing they expect is a YRC command grab. There's a gap between a normal into Detruo that the opponent can counter poke you but you can then start YRCing earlier in Detruo and then throw a normal out. You can do 2D xx Daruo YRC and then command grab. Another command grab gimmick but something you can use sparingly. 2KP~delayed K YRC command grab. This only works if you can condition your opponent but this is something that will really catch people off guard. As mentioned above, YRC Cassius is a great option midscreen during the neutral game to allow you to observe opponent actions and react accordingly. It works amazingly well in certain match ups such as Bedman or Slayer to counter their neutral game. Having YRC as an option when using equipped 2S and 2HS is really good as well. It helps keep you safe when using these normals to control space, poke, or anti-air. 2S has the most recovery on whiff so you want to use YRC when you see it whiff to keep yourself safe and then react to your opponents position on the screen. Defensively, you want to use YRC in response to certain situations in order to safely navigate around unfavorable positions. For example, against Potemkin Hammerfall YRC you can counter YRC as an escape option against the subsequent mind games. Against Leo, you can YRC against his back turned stance to navigate around that situation or against his HS fireball you can jump YRC and more safely navigate around his offense. Off of stray confirms with 4P you want to transition into 2KK or 2KPK (keeping in mind you transition from 4P to 1K because of the PK overlap) for knockdowns because this will always lead into basic 6S/HS or 2S/HS sword oki with with either 2K low or 6K overhead. In combos, 5PPP is just a standard combo ender midscreen or corner wall splats that leads into oki or resets. 5KKK is a higher damage corner wall splat ender but you need a shorter combo in order to get the corner wall splat follow ups. 5PK4K can be used midscreen to set up mix ups or extend combos while 5KK4K or 5K4K is used in the corner to set up corner cross ups/fake cross ups. There's a lot of mind games you can play with 2KPK or P but it depends on the match up and conditioning your opponent. In general, it's a straight 50/50 game between overhead or low but the overhead is highly telegraphed and gives plenty of time for the opponent to react. Opponents can also fuzzy guard (alternating between high/low block) to block both options consistently. This means you have to start incorporating other tactics within this string to confuse your opponent. If the opponent is content with just blocking then you start adding delays to K or P to throw off fuzzy guarding. As mentioned previously, you can use 2D instead to get a better low combo starter. However, these two options open up bigger gaps that allow the opponent to either chicken block out of the situation or mash a fast normal to counter poke. Also, if they start FDing 2KP it automatically puts Ramlethal out of range of 2D so then you got to start committing to either P or K again. If they have a tendency to mash then you keep going for 2KPK because it will catch their mashing. You end up going full circle between straight high/low guess, staggers to defeat blocking, or frame traps to beat mashing. You do PK in combos off of her Daruo or if you can use it in a stray confirm because PK causes a stagger state. This stagger state is actually really difficult to mash out of so you can attempt a c.S combo starter and you'll most likely get it. You only use the 3 hitters from PK in specific combos like 5PK4K is a combo extender or a specific midscreen combo to set up midscreen oki. For details on those setups refer to my google doc that you mentioned. The debate on when to keep swords, deploy swords, or keep one sword is dependent on several things such as match up and player habits. The safest and more consistent way to play neutral with Ramlethal in 1.10 is to at least keep the S sword equipped because you gain access to her best poking tools with far S and j.S. These are great footsie and space control tools during the neutral game. With the nerfs that the deployed swords received in version 1.10, it makes it very hard to play neutral with both swords deployed. You can still play neutral with both swords but you have to be more careful because you lose access to good pokes and you end up putting yourself on the defensive relying on deployed swords to do work for you but if they get hit then you lose a lot of momentum. I feel players become tunnel visioned when both swords are deployed and it leaves them susceptible to rush down. The other point to mention with having swords equipped is having access to her 2S and 2HS normals. These normals while extremely slow on start up having amazing hit boxes and long active frames. They can be used to control space and work great as preemptive anti-airs or even as pokes. They build a lot of tension for Ramlethal so you'll have access to YRC options, faultless defense, Overdrives, or RC for stray confirms. In neutral, it depends on the match up as you want to use 2HS as a means to control air space. In combination with YRC, it allows you to approach with the swords as cover or even allow you to cover your sword against the opponents pokes. With the deployed S sword I tend to use 6S more because it's faster and makes it harder for the opponent to counter poke it. However, if the S sword is behind the opponent and close by to the point where it won't teleport to track the opponent then you can use 2S more because they won't be able to poke the start up. Even 6S is good when the sword is positioned behind the opponent because you can use it as a counter poke or interrupt. As mentioned previously, Daruo can be used as a long range punish in certain match ups, such as Ky. While risky you can also throw out Daruo during neutral to catch people dashing in, back dashes, or throwing out buttons at range. Detruo as an overhead is mediocre and should be used sparingly from block strings. It goes over lows and is + on block. If you're cancelling it from a normal then there's a gap that allows the opponent to counter poke, as I mentioned in the YRC answer. You can use Detruo from a j.HS and it'll combo off of a counter hit. I usually set up this situation as throw bait by doing a while rising j.HS cancelled into Detruo. You can also use Detruo by cancelling off of a j.P or j.K. So if you air dash in with j.P, j.K, etc.. you can throw in a Detruo to increase the amount of overhead hits and be plus on block when you land. Cassius is a good space control tool but you have to space it out correctly since it has that awkward trajectory. It's particularly useful in the Bedman match up to help catch him at certain heights as well as clearing out his icons. Calvados got buffed in patch 1.10 by having faster start up and doing more damage per hit when it's unscaled. It's a pretty versatile overdrive and should be incorporated in your repertoire.It's amazing at draining your opponents tension meter if they want to avoid the chip damage. Think about it as spending tension to drain their tension because sometimes their options with tension is a lot more scarier than your options.The chip damage it deals out is significant and should always be an option if the opponent is low on life with little-to-no tension. The faster start up is also significant, as it can catch the opponent off guard if they're doing stray attacks, full screen set ups (ie. Venom's balls, Elphet sniper rifle/pin pull, Faust item toss), projectiles, or air dashes. Good to tack on at the end of corner wall splat combos if you want to close out a match because the scaled damage doesn't really matter at that point. It's similar how you would use Trance at the end of corner combos.
  3. http://www.twitch.tv/joniosan/v/12342630 Karinchu playing the Blue Ramlethal. There's a Green Ramlethal that's pretty good as well but I'm not sure who the player is. Takehara vs Mugen at Toshin-Gekitotsu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhwrZtQK-oI&feature=youtu.be&t=01h48m25s
  4. Keeponrockin told me that NakasuBeman was Lox.
  5. I managed to watch the whole thing live and that was a really entertaining event and I hope they do more of that in the future. The production values was great and the matches were really good minus a few blow outs. My personal favorite matches were Koichi vs Lox, Takehara vs Mugen, Susumu vs Machaboo, FAB vs Sako, and Ogawa vs Daigo. I hope Daigo sticks with the game going into Revelator since he managed to put on an entertaining match but he'll probably just focus on CPT for the rest of the year.
  6. Perfect! Thank you very much. Unfortunately, it starts at 3AM on Saturday so going to have to catch the archive.
  7. Anyone have a stream schedule and link for Toshin-Gekitotsu? Isn't it starting tonight?
  8. lol wtf when did this happen?
  9. Did they have recording devices at each station? It would be really awesome if they posted up footage of all matches that happened during the weekend. The stream was jumping from match-to-match so we only got glimpses of random rounds, random matches, and not even complete sets between teams.
  10. Killey

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    GGs to DaLoveCharger last night. I hope you weren't getting frustrated with the Ram vs Axl match up. I don't really know how that match up is suppose to play out but I was getting away with murder in some of those air approaches.
  11. I experimented more with the combo and it's very specific on who it works on. I tested on the whole cast but it works on Pot, Bedman, Sol, Sin, Ky, Slayer, Faust, Zato, Leo, Chipp. Does not work on lightweights (techs before 3rd Daruo hits), Venom (techs before PPP but can use KKK but can't combo into oki after due to pushback), and Axl (techs before 3rd Daruo can hit). The corner carry is exceptionally good and actually puts them in the corner; however, some characters can tech before they hit the ground ie. Slayer. Other characters it causes a knockdown in the corner just no wall splat unless close to the corner. The damage output is less than double daruo into IAD j,K, j.S, j.8D stuff though. In terms of sword deployed formation I can only get the standard S and HS deployed in corner and HS in the corner, S midscreen variants to work but only tested on Sin, at the moment. Didn't test the variants on the characters that it does work on.
  12. Killey

    [Xrd] King Ky - Combo/Setup Listing and Discussion

    I don't know if anyone mentioned this 236D loop combo that Machaboo was doing on the Daigo prep vids. I checked Toushi's combo/setup vid and didn't see the combo though I might have missed it somewhere. Anyways, Machaboo does this Throw RC 236D loop combo at the 1:12:50 mark against another Ky player so I'm assuming this works on medium weight characters. Throw RC > dash 5HS > 236D > 2HS (1) > GS > 236D > 2HS (2) > 236D > 2HS (1) > 236D
  13. Killey

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    @Kizzercrate Great job on the Ky google doc and it inspired me to do one for Ramlethal as well. I've been learning Xrd Ky on the side recently (been using Ky since X2 just learning the nuances of his Xrd counter part) and I could provide some additional insight for the Ky vs Ramlethal match-up in your google doc. Should I just request edit access or is there a better way to provide the information to you to update your doc?
  14. I was watching Jonio's twitch archive for the day of Arc Revo and there were a couple of matches of Saryu's Ramlethal. He was in training mode and he was doing the following corner combo on Sin. c.S > 623P > dash c.S > 623P > 5K4K > c.S > 623P > PPP wall splat > dash c.s > 5HS > 6S > dash c.S > 6HS > dash 5KK4K I tested this in training mode and it does a solid 200 damage. I need to test the following still: Test on the entire cast to see if it's universalTest corner carry propertiesTest combo variants with different sword deploy formations to make sure oki is still viable in those situations
  15. Okay, I just stumbled upon this post today and I did some experimenting with it in training mode against a couple of characters to see how it fairs against different weight classes and the odd hitbox characters. It completely whiffs on most crouching characters. I think it only hits crouching against fatter hitboxes like Potemkin. I know the threat of Detruo being an overhead is suppose to condition them to block high but this is a pretty significant flaw. It can be chicken blocked on wake up.It can be avoided with super jump FD on wake up.It's not reversal safe and loses to wake up DP. The YRC doesn't even make the reversal timing difficult.Loses to mash Blitz Shield on wake up.The only way I could the fake cross-up is to delay the YRC timing on Detruo which opens up more counters options for the opponent that are easier like mash 2HS with Sol for example. You can optimize damage before leading into this mix up but it usually requires the Daiji corner-to-corner combo and at that point you might as well complete the combo for the wall splat and corner oki. I compared this to the Pain midscreen setups of 5PK4K, 5KK, 6HS route and that hits meaty and is multi-layered with cross-up, fake cross-up, fuzzy guard, lows, etc... and it's meterless. While it's an interesting setup there's too many counter measures to this mix up for the costs of 25% meter.