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  1. That's the exact condition Noel suffers from. Not unless shes drawn properly!
  2. She is definitely the most beautiful looking character in the game.
  3. Tager refuses to be left out of the party! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uSmgSR7QUw&t=2m14s
  4. TagerTime

    [CF] Video Posting Thread

    CF Tager Combo Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uSmgSR7QUw
  5. Azreal still doesn't think thats enough
  6. i found the Hakumen video. Watching this Hakumen Video made Tager very angry so he proceeded to take out all of his frustrations on Ragna
  7. Well there's only a video of the weaker version of the combo, its only 9777 damage
  8. Day 1 combo for Tager is 10,210 damage. Its the highest Damage hes ever had out of any BlazBlue game ever in the history of BlazBlue. Hakumen Day 1 combo is over 13k damage. i saw the video but cant find it now.
  9. People have been saying stuff like this about Tager for well over 3 years. Also that statement about Carl has actually been True for Tager Players.... So you would have had alot of pennies by now, Are you sure you weren't the one responsible for Brokenoe?
  10. TagerTime

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    Alot of new Tager info here from this newest location test: https://twitter.com/Akaoni_TELLY66/with_replies A little more from Barrel, apparently regular 2D is Fatal Counter and has projectile GuardPoint? https://twitter.com/BARELL_009/with_replies Zel also has good new info as well https://twitter.com/ZEL_firia/with_replies Between these 3 guys the Tager information from this newest location test is very comprehensive. Hopefully someone can translate it soon. Im so excited to find out!
  11. Ah i see thanks. Thats ridiculous for a ~8k dollar dedicated gaming machine Thats what people kept saying about Tager...........He's S-Tier now
  12. So your saying the BBCPEX Vewlix Diamond arcade cabinets have bad lag? I never played on one before but I keep reading that they are lagless. Wheres the lag coming from and how much lag do they have compared to console?
  13. TagerTime

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    Thanks alot for the translations. Are you sure hes not saying that wedge catapults wall bounce damage increased by 200 from 1000 to 1200, but if you do the follow up attack the total overall damage is still 2600. So the damage is higher than before if you choose to combo instead of using the buster follow up attack. But if you use the follow up attack the total damage is still the same as before. Also in the combo part hes posting new combo route snippets and there not meant to be joined toghether. 3C>A Sledge>5A> Air combo followup Atomic Collider>5A>Spark Bolt Wedge Catapult>6C Air hit 5C>A Sledge>3C>Atomic Collider Wiff air hit 6A(ground slide)>CT (charged) air hit 6A(ground slide)>6B>A Sledge>5A.
  14. TagerTime

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    Zel just posted a lot of new tager stuff from todays newest location test https://twitter.com/hashtag/bbcfテイガー?f=tweets&vertical=default&src=hash