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  1. My feelings for you in one song.

  2. Sweet, sounds good! I'll HOPEFULLY have my copy tomorrow lol, if not I'll have it wednesday.

  3. Because you like looking at the name next to the avatar? xD Thanks dude! :D

  4. You make a good point, we do need the numbers. Thanks for all your help, I sense you becoming Jin mod/Reg Mod some time soon;

  5. ...... yo like... I don't know if I should be happy or sad.

  6. who do you main in GG? i'm conflicted between Ky and ABA

  7. That Guilty Gear is something else, normally I can grasp a fighter in a day, day 2 in of GGAC+ and I can barely FRC lol.

  8. Haha, it's all good bro. I still love it either way. :)

  9. Sounds good, and I don't think I'll be out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for the rest of the month xD

  10. There's a bit of clutter in the Jin Combo thread, I suggest deleting posts that don't contribute if that's within your capabilities.

  11. Lol I didn't think to check your profile again, but anyways. Right now, casuals will be held at my bro's studio/gaming studio.

  12. Next weekend is fine, I got a spot for us to play (i'll pm you the address). I usually chill with my friend and teach him how to play around there, so it'd be a nice bonus for him to have two teachers instead of one lol.

  13. Chicago eh? welcome to the legion of Chicago BB players lol

  14. Cool! If it doesn't happen this weekend then there's always next time :3 Just keep me posted whenever you're down to hang

  15. free this weekend?

  16. Lol that's alot of questions: - Playing BB since CT - Do not currently have Extend, though I know people that do own it. - I'm good enough to beat Nineball Infinite sometimes, I don't know how good I am now since I took a bit of a break from BB for the last month.

  17. Lol trying to bring it back! inbox me your contact info please, we'll work something out

  18. I see you live in the chicago area, so do I! Would you be interested in joining offline gatherings for BB?

  19. ummm, his studio isn't too far from me, so that's still down here. (i can give you the full address if you just wanna head over here) I'm downtown pretty often, that's only because of my school. I don't know of any place downtown or in that area that we could just chill at and play.

  20. Englewood, otherwise known as the Salty Spitoon. I play at GGA every now and then during the week, and at my bro's studio on weekends since he has a large place and a sexy gaming set up.

  21. Sugoi! Where do you live at bro? We should try to meet for casuals some time

  22. IL eh? do you play BB?

  23. IL eh? do you play BB?