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  1. madruk... like from dragon force?

  2. I have a few suggestions about the format, length and style of the combo videos. I don't know about anybody else, just my own preferences here. When I'm learning a character it helps to have every combo in a separate video, this way you don't have to search a 10 min long vid for the right one, or let it load forever; you can also download the small video to your phone or comp easier than a large video file, especially if you want to dl it in HD. Another thing that is immensely helpful are the button sounds, I can't stress enough how much better a tutorial vid is when it includes button press sounds. Having a little box in the corner, or a separate video for viewing hands and button presses is a nice extra. I'd call this a great combo tutorial vid. Maybe not all combos need such a detailed video, just advanced or complicated ones. But something in that style while explaining possible sticking points in the desc would be an A++ would watch again tutorial.