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  1. andresakatito

    [+R] Sol Badguy Wiki Discussion Thread

    From what I'm reading, it says HSVV has 5frame start up, and is invulnerable from frames 1-6. Airborne on frame 7, and from 7-11 he's invincible to strikes. If he threw him while grounded. It had to be on the 6th frame. Which is invincible... but not to grabs? I....can't....comprehend.... I think we should edit the info on frame data to be more specific. For example if we say a move is 'invincible,' we list its invincibility to both throws and strikes. (For example say: Frames 1-6 invincible to strikes & throws. Or frames 1-6 invincible to strikes, frames 1-6 invincible to throws.) It may be a stupid idea, but it would make things clearer as to what 'invincible' is. Bottom line, specify invincibility. Even if it is to everything. lol
  2. andresakatito

    [+R] Sol Badguy Q&A Thread

    Just throwing in my 2 cents, j.HS is good for lots of mixups on its own. It has 0 recovery which can lead to funny and satisfying mixups. Here are some of the ones I use. j.HS as soon as you jump so it whiffs. You can either air dash backwards if you think they'll wake up with an antiair, or air dash forward and do j.S -> j.HS -> VV into knockdown. If they block it, use the j.HS to help you see and confirm that they're blocking it so you don't VV and set yourself up for nasty combo. j.HS so that the 2 hits land deep, and you can hit-confirm into ground combo or another VV. Just make sure to get that knock down. After you get them accustomed to seeing 2 hits, you can confuse them even more! j.HS with a small delay after the jump so that only the last hit is blocked. Land, then do 2K -> cl.S -> 6P -> into combo I have yet think of. Or if you managed to get them scared, walk up WT. (Get some running momentum so you stay close after a blocked j.HS) You can also j.HS whiff -> WT. Or j.HS whiff -> jump again -> deep j.S -> combo (another solid combo I have yet to think of) That's all I can think of right now. There's probably more that I use against my friends. But I'm braindead right now. =P
  3. andresakatito

    [+R] Sol Badguy Video Thread

    Good stuff! I hella enjoyed watching this! Really hope you make another with combos you didn't show.
  4. andresakatito

    Grand Viper in Accent Core FAQ

    Ah ok. Now I got it. It applies if it was combo'd into. Would've been cool it worked that way too. I usually mash through it all the time. On stick I just rotate the joystick(I have an octagon gate) and just tap my fingers on the top 3 buttons: K, S, and HS. I roll my fingers as if I was tapping them on a table waiting impatiently for something... like +R. lol Here's a question I got, would hitting Dust with the mashing part help add to inputs?
  5. andresakatito

    Grand Viper in Accent Core FAQ

    Let me know if I am understanding this correctly. After you start GV, you have a small window to hit as many inputs as possible. Like you said about to the 2nd or 3rd hit, then you can stop mashing. And Sol will finish the rest of the move? If this is true, I won't have to mash like a crazy monkey on my stick. Another plus if this is true is that it would make RC'ing the GV into WT if they happened to block the move. Build up the Guard Meter and get a very satisfying SW loop.
  6. andresakatito

    [+R] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Thank you so much dude! This cleared everything up for me. All these buffs get me all excited! Didn't know the j.K didn't have the prorate. I should really read all the fine print. Thanks again! So 6P has more hit stun? all we need now is that gattle from 2K and we'll be back to reload Sol. lol
  7. andresakatito

    [+R] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Man I've been gone from here for too long. Learned all kinds of new things now that I've read everything. Loving all these buffs for Sol. Especially the possibility that GF BB loop may comeback. :D But I'm still having a hard time understanding the term 'proration.' Can someone put it in lamest terms for me? Cuz I read that j.S had its proration removed. My air combos usually did a good decent amount of damage from a j.S j.D jump cancel into j.S j.D into aerial BR. If I managed to get this combo at the beginning, it would almost half health.
  8. andresakatito

    [+R] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Lol I was playing the original GG not that long ago and saw the 5HS. My how times have changed. lol Normal Fafnir should definitely be awesome.
  9. andresakatito

    [+R] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Never really used 6HS unless they were dizzy/stunned. Removing the stagger is somewhat of a bummer. But being able to go into it from f.S(if this is specific to this move only) is pretty awesome. 6HS was also able to be special canceled. So maybe go into GF FRC for more pressure? Unless they remove it. Am I reading this right? Aerial Bandit Bringer? If this is true, is the FRC in BB going to be in the aerial version as well?
  10. andresakatito

    [+R] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    I just found out that there's going to be another test this Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1st. Hopefully we'll get more info about gameplay changes to Sol. I am most excited. edit: forgot to post where I read this. Here you guys go. http://shoryuken.com/2012/06/25/2nd-guilty-gear-xx-accent-core-plus-r-location-test-announced-for-630-71-in-shinjuku/
  11. andresakatito

    [+R] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Even though it doesn't say "Clean Hit" it does have that look of a clean hit like you said. I'm guessing a regular hit still causes ground slide. If the bounce is going to be as high as a counter hit, does that mean we could loop the Bandit Bringer if we timed it to continually get Clean Hits?
  12. andresakatito

    [+R] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Well that's disappointing. Lol. I wonder when and if they'll have another loketest.
  13. andresakatito

    [+R] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    A TK FB Sidewinder counting as an overhead would be too good to be true. I wonder how big the hitbox for the FB Sidewinder. Good thing about this is that he could salvage the Sidewinder loops with FB version in case the player isn't sure whether or not they're going to clean hit. I know I still have trouble with it sometimes. I'm more curious about the BB clean hit, has anyone found out if you can GF -> FRC -> BB and repeat? Or if BB has special properties when it clean hits?
  14. andresakatito

    [+R] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    If he is then... cool! I've stuck with him the whole time. I'm ok with this. lol
  15. andresakatito

    [+R] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    If FB Sidewinder forces a clean hit even when they're ground, maybe it can be used as part of a mix up? Like while they're in the corner, j.HS(whiff), air dash -> j.S -> FB Sidewinder? Probably not the best idea but I'm just throwing ideas out. The j.S would hit them while they're grounded even while they're crouching and the FB Sidewinder would force a clean hit on them if it really has a bigger hitbox.