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  1. meeh 11 is too good for me and MA need too high execution skills for me. Roll out to 13

  2. Keech

    [Xrd] Axl Combo Science Thread

    Midscreen throw dash K, P, 6K, 2S, j.K, d.j.H, j.D 623H Sol 116 dmg. Also tested on Ma, Po, Mi. Only May have tricky timing.
  3. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bz_nsA1CEAALyl1.jpg:large 1.01 is out. EltnAm still here -_-
  4. Who is Kamone? First time i heared that name for 3 years. Can he be Kamoseri?
  5. Keech

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    GGs to Magaki, EXmAceOfHearts12, Ouytsu, Sannos and all Russian players!
  6. Terra formers not so bad >.>

  7. Keech

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    GGs to Ace, Muffin and others. Guys you are best:3
  8. Под девяткой в-борще:экзе запоздал

  9. Meow meow:3 New patch! hooray! Need change main.

  10. Keech

    Interview with Udon (Adon) !

    GJ! thx for interview:3
  11. Keech

    [CS2] Ragna Combos Thread

    Mid to corner: CH on air 6A 5C 5D DC 5B 5D(1) 214D dash 5С HJC j.C j.D 214C 5D DID dash under 3C HF 30 Heat 2910DMG FC 2C 5C 6C DC 6D Jump j.C 214C 5C 5D(1) 214D 5C DID dash under 3C HF 49 Heat 5130 DMG CH 2D dash 5C 5D DC 5B 5D(1) 214D dash 5C JC j.C j.D j.C 214C 5D DID 48 Heat 4198 DMG 5b 6a jc j.C j.D j.C 214c HF 27 Heat 2487