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  1. Lambda is denied a theme. You know what must be done. lol

    1. GVGguy
    2. Tsuki Garyuu

      Tsuki Garyuu

      If you're able to, apply some electronica to it. It's hard for me to visual a Murakumo without some kind of cyberpunkish electronic music.

    3. GVGguy


      But of course! XD

  2. Fooooound yoooooou!

  3. GVGguy

    The Official Tabs Thread (2016-03-02: The Man!)

    Heya, Beast and Seth_Slax! Just wanted to drop by and say you guys are doing an awesome job with the tabs, they've helped me out with some of the remixes I made earlier. (Not to mention my Bullet Dance remix was fully based on your tabs) Also, I's like to leave a bump for Motor Head and Get Down to Business, if it's possible XD. How are you guys doing, btw?
  4. GVGguy

    BlazBlue Fanart [Some NSFW]

    There is? *sigh* The more you learn every day :P
  5. GVGguy

    BlazBlue Fanart [Some NSFW]

    Here are a couple of images I posted on Deviant Art a while ago, enjoy: Razama Dante The Bloodedge Noelkaka Ragnumen Rachelkaka Ragna The SLAUGHTERER