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  1. KoopaDoopa

    [CP] Rachel Video Thread

    HYPE!! Vertical lotus combos so sexy. Not to mention level 3 j.2C combos... whoamg. I'm liking the new SMP (oddly enough) it forces Rachel to really think about how they will extend the combo (like 3[C]5D midscreen), instead of 3C > 214C > 3C x n. Also... j.236A has no SMP? so broken
  2. Funny you should mention that, I just got EX the other day for PS3. We can play for sure, but As you've gotten godlike, I've gotten worse. I stopped playing the game for six months and just picked up playing again. Just add 'Swadloon' to your FL. I play on that or my sir lunchbox account.

  3. Cool. iirc did you have a PSN account too? I'd love to play you during break if you want to now. :3

  4. Lol, it's all good. I don't have a gold account either right now. I'm still going to add you for when you do get a gold account, because I had fun playing with you on PSN even though they were Rachel mirrors, lol.

  5. Nah, well... I do, but it's not Gold. SORRY D: You probably had your hopes crushed. lol I should be getting Gold soon (as well as BB)

  6. Ay yo, is that an XBL account I see that you have now? ;0

  7. Aaaaaaah I wish I logged on sooner!!! So cute :3

  8. KoopaDoopa

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    GGs to everyone the past few days. Well.. except for a few Ranked people here and there. Sorry >_>
  9. Awesome. I'll have to order my tickets too, but It's really cool that you are coming.

  10. I'd like to go to CEO, but that's too far for my parents to drive. Once I get my license I'll be going to a lot more tournaments. And thank you! =) I am learning Rachel, yes, but I'm learning pretty much everyone, as I always do. I won't be playing her outside of casuals normally, she's just my random card character. Litchi, Platinum and Relius are my only real characters.

  11. I'm sorry about your situation WoZ. It couldn't have happened at a more coincidental time D: Maybe next year? The next tourney I'm planning to go to is CEO down in Orlando. Also, I love your new combo video. Does this mean you're learning Rachel or is it just for the vid? hint hint :3 P.S. Sorry for late-ness.

  12. Hey, so I'm planning on going to CEO. Probably gonna ride a plane or do a road trip if my family decides to vacation down in FL over the summer. I'm already hyped~

  13. Challenge Excepted. Or MAYBE... you could just ATTEMPT to take your revenge at CEO? Either way, I am sure it'll be an awesome match.