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    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    Good games to Jyosua.
  2. Anyone else having trouble keeping pressure on the opponent with swords now? Feels like a wayward 2A or 5A pretty much shuts down my oki game.
  3. Lunar_Divider

    [P4AU] Junpei Iori - Gameplay Discussion

    So I was messing around in training looking for some more mixup options and found this though I'm not sure how it works in practice. 5aaa 236c or 5aaa aoa It seems like you could fake out the last a and go for the slide which goes a shorter distance and is quicker than the third hit of the auto combo. I'm just not sure if it'd have any use against human players because they tend to mash shit anyway.
  4. Woah what is this I am reading? Is the legend hanging up his suit & sword? Never thought I'd see the day when mAc reached sage status.

  5. So we should get a set in some time when we are both free from real life duties. I could really use the MU experience.

  6. Lunar_Divider

    Kokonoe or Brokonoe?

    There isn't anything else to be said that TD hasn't. Yeah, she's broken but I would disagree and say she is auto pilot. I wouldn't ban her from tournaments but I'd be discouraged from joining any that allow her just because of the unfair advantage she presents. She has so many moves that are the best in their rightful category that it's just stupid. She either needs a huge nerf or the rest of the roster needs a huge buff before shes truly ready for tournament play. @ElegantShadow She actually has a lot of ways she can get out of the corner and pressure for free. She does a lot of damage with very little risk involved, can cross the entire screen in a couple seconds, has amazing oki setups, one of the fastest overheads in the game that links off pretty much anything, can cross you up from the other side of the screen without putting herself in danger, and can essentially stuff any approach with graviton and lightning rods. She also has a big health pool so she is anything but a glass canon.
  7. Can't say I have. Between work and the distance it takes to get there I just don't have enough time right now. As soon as this coming month ends my hours should cut back significantly though.

  8. Same here. Though it's a welcome change from CSE, for sure.

  9. Oh that's too bad. I was playing Bullet for awhile but a fair number of her matchups are just vastly against her. I've been bouncing around since then. Relius' new block strings are just odd for me. How's the transition from CSE been for you?

  10. Hey bob. Can you give me Gungnirs PSN? Also you should add me and we should play sometime. Are you still playing Rachel?

  11. I find it ironic how Bisquits let's Midwest players in his room and starts making a big deal out of it when he loses. Like hes playing a WC rep. Funny cuz I always thought Ara was always better in Netplay. That last post though: http://i41.tinypic.com/2mcyliq.jpg Glorious.

  12. Right I'll do that right now but I got work in like 5 so probably won't be on til 7-8ish your time.

  13. You snappin necks when you walk up in da club.

  14. Yeah, I hear ya. I'm not even at the point where I feel comfortable enough to say I'm any good anymore. Not sure if I really like the way Relius is played anymore so I've just been playing Bullet for now. Her combos seem strong but I'm not sure how she'll end up when she stops being the new girl. Who knows, though. I'm still having lots of fun and that's all that matters I guess.

  15. Did you get CP? I gotta show you how bad I am.

  16. I haven't been playing much at all. I got maybe two hours of training in last night. #bad

  17. Nigga you gotta give me your-- Oh okay.

  18. You free today? We should play CP if you got it. Just don't expect anything spectacular. I'm still pretty horrible with D-pad.

  19. CP is hot. You free later tonight? I'm not used to the D-Pad but I could use some mirror practice with the master.

  20. When are you gonna teach me BnB's?

  21. Hey, I'll be on later today if you want to play some P4A. I'd offer to play Blazblue with ya but I am having no luck finding a copy that isn't new off amazon.

  22. I have to find a copy of blazblue first but most for surely.