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  1. Jubei patch has hit the US version of the game, as well as JP. As of this writing, Jubei is not available for download, but i'm sure he will be soon enough.
  2. He also takes extra hit stun compared to everyone else
  3. Isn't this the balance changes that were already translated?
  4. TekkamanArk

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Well, that's cool that we get Shark Girl and Parace I guess, but I really wanted Dark Heart.
  5. Mori hinted there'd be some stuff about Alpha-1 in the future, though playable wasn't hinted, so perhaps that's why they're doing it this way, to test Jubei and Alpha-1 before console release.
  6. I wanted Jubei for so long, got mocked and ridiculed every time I spoke up for desiring him, and then when I want to celebrate about it, you want to tell me I need to be considerate of the feelings of others? You're not having your cake and eating it too. You all stomped on me every time I spoke up for my desires, now it's your turn to eat crow for a little bit. I had 1 sole desire, and I got it finally after all this wait, I couldn't care less what they do other than that.
  7. I mean, we got the most important character, so it's fine if they don't add more I suppose. Finally got what I was after, so it was cool if they added more, but didn't matter much either to me.
  8. TekkamanArk

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I'm doing one of the tutorials and I don't understand what it's asking. It's shown an input of 71A~D.
  9. August 3 is honestly rather soon.
  10. Oh yeah. I don't care if this is a DLC, Extend, or something else, i'm happy. I got my cat. Bring it on!
  11. They said "we'll have more information soon". So I guess we'll have to wait.
  12. Sure, would love to talk about him more properly when he's playable. I can't wait to find out when that will be. Tag game looks interesting, never was into RWBY but I could be interested. I'd love to have those other games too, but that's even more licensing woes, especially with Hokuto.
  13. Hey, you know what, i'm on cloud nine. Yeah, no more complaining about Jubei not being in.