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  1. It doesn't have subs. Anyone have a menu guide? I remember seeing one but I cannot find it. EDIT: I found it. Sorry about that.
  2. Looking good. I'd like to know what LK was thinking when he said Lizzie vs Mitsuru is "Not so bad." (Or so I've heard.)
  3. Shhhhh, we'll save that for the reality show.
  4. My main fighter sir. I haven't played it as much as I used to thanks to P4a, but I still know a thing or two.
  5. Hey Star, I'd definitely like to get in on this if you're okay with it. Dreiko said I should run it by ya.
  6. ^. I look up to A.X.I.S.; he really helped me out with my Arakune, or Tsubaki, awhile back. Either way, he was really nice and helpful.
  7. GGs everybody. Great matches all around, real hype. Can't wait to see you all in BBCP!
  8. This is exactly how you do it. Well, I've gotten the most success this way.
  9. Should've just let me hope. Dammit! It's cool man. Could I just get put on the list for sentimental purposes? =DDD
  10. Official Sign-up Format: PSN: NaRD2ndG Character: Tager State/Province: Virginia Time Zone: GMT -5 or Eastern time zone I'm really late but no one told me..
  11. Cool, that's one thing I've been meaning to add to my game. I almost never use 2B. Thanks guys. Back to work.
  12. Thanks. One more issue, and this will sound silly. How do I correctly set up CD bugs in the corner? From a 3A string, if I do a CD I'll end up doing 3C. It crosses up but it's not what I'm going for since it takes my opponent out of the corner. I have to rely on 6C confirms and once in a blue moon I'll correctly land j5C > j214C > 6C bug > 6D bug. Both are overheads, and both rarely connect since my opponents instinctively block high during curse. I'm guessing my best bet is to do 2C and hold the bug until I can shift to 6C?
  13. Sucks. On both counts. Xbox and never playing netplay I mean. Anyway, QUESTION. I need to know more about my bugs. I can do the loop pretty well now, but what I need to know is how to lock down my opponent. They always get away before I can confirm into big damage so I have to settle with bad hits so I don't completely waste my meter.
  14. NaRD

    [CSE] Tsubaki Yayoi - Combo Discussion 3.5

    I was on the right track then. Ok! Back to work. Thanks! EDIT: Bwahaha I got the 5C to land! Dropped the combo, because it surprised me, but wow. Didn't know that second j5C had such a large window. The more you know..