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  1. It's not like that ;_; you missed CP release meet-up, color me mad! But I understand...................................................

  2. WOOF X7

    [CP/EX] Kagura Mutsuki - FAQ/Q&A thread

    Q: How do I unlock Kagura? A: Beat Story mode 100% (This includes gag endings from episodes with a star mark on them, to access the gag ending, select option 2) or buy the unlock code for 250 yen on the Japanese PlayStation Store Not true. You do not have to beat the story 100 percent. You DO have to reach the end of the story by completing all 3 storys true paths (top answer choices) Gag reels are NOT required for Kagura
  3. Now im the one replying late. I'M SORRY!!!! I just havent been as interested in fighters recently/ I've been busy with other stuff. It's not like you miss me or anything... idiot.

  4. I am really tempted to wait like a month to reply to this. Hope a week is OK :) also, stop missing stuff, for real!

  5. WOOF X7

    [P4A] Yosuke Gameplay Discussion

    TechTechTechTechTechTech http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fbNMwwQ3qo&feature=youtu.be (BIG THANKS TO OMECROSS FOR RECORDING BECAUSE I DONT WANNA PUT SHAKY IPHONE VIDS UP YOU DA BESS <3) Yosuke has a fuzzy guard off tentarafoo! It’s Tentarafoo>j.2B. Pretty simple .Spin state forces the standing so you cant crouch the j.2B. Works on the entire cast (including the damn bear who usually doesn’t have to deal with this kinda thing) It’s possible midscreen from a certain range with Microdash j.2B it’s a little bit of a pain in the ass midscreen but possible. I feel where this will mostly be used is in the corner because there are reliable ways of landing tent in combos like AoA or fatals. Don’t have to dash in the corner so its not as hard either. Basically you can do j.2B j.2B kunai for yosuke damage. Add garu at the end of that for like 2.5kish. if you have OMB and 50 meter you can get like 4k with OMB combo. Kinda piddly rewards for resources but after like an AOA combo if you fuzzyd afterwards with a burst that’s like 7k off just those two. Anyway I figure since spin state forces respect people will down back and you can open them up with this. I also think its worth noticing the bonus tech at the end of the vid btw, Tent OMC tent is unavoidable except for burst and resets your combo, so a fatal or AOA with tent ender and 100 meter or 50 meter and burst you can get a brand new forced unproated combo which is pretty cool (thanks again omex)
  6. You're just mad that they made my character dumb. Also holy shit you cant ever make a timely reply can you?

  7. Worst character in the game man! For real..... huzzah

  8. <3 XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Fuck venom tho

  9. I just looked up EAD on Urban dictionary. <3 *wink*

  10. WOW! thats like from so long ago. Get dodged EAD

  11. yo i totally missed this. I been had tournament wins son, imma take you down today! if you're coming that is. what's ead? TELL ME

  12. Name: WOOF X7 Location: Texas lol Character: Yosuke
  13. WOOF X7

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    GGs to Lich,ShelledMenace,CtrlAltWTF,Stayfree and everyone else these past couple days. Playing Ragna is hilarious
  14. <- Arlington Lab player >>