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  1. Quinn197

    [CF] Ragna Ver.2.0 Changes Discussion

    Definitely glad 2D is a low again.
  2. Quinn197

    Site Feedback/Suggestions

    I am currently unable to change my avatar, whether I upload or try to attach one via url.
  3. Quinn197

    BlazBlue Central Fiction 2.0 Patch Notes

    Clicking the link gives me a "Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist" error.
  4. Quinn197

    The "Picking a Main" thread

    Ragna is pretty much the simplest character, you'll probably be pretty well off starting with him. It is very nice that CS has the "challenges" which pretty much teach you combos, so just choose one of the characters that's not disgustingly complicated and play through their story/arcade and do challenges.
  5. I guess it took me like half a year to get to the point with Bang that I could regularly pull off 3-4k combos and recognize the starting animations of other characters attacks and block accordingly, instead of just flailing around wildly hoping that my moves would come into contact with them. It only took me like 4 days to get to about the same point with Lambda, (although I'm not as good with her because I'm not used to zoning) so I guess once you've learned one character it's easier to learn another.
  6. Quinn197

    What got -you- into BlazBlue?

    Watching vids of Blazblue I wandered across somehow, I loved how fast and complex it looked compared to other fighters, which mostly seem to me like two guys taking turns punching each other about 5 times and sometimes shooting fireballs. Got it, loved it, still playing it although my Xbox no longer has internet. (for now)