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  1. [P4AU] Margaret Gameplay Discussion

    Ah ok, thanks for the info! I'll tune in again when she's out :P
  2. [P4AU] Margaret Gameplay Discussion

    Is this also true for Japan? Thought they'd have it a lot sooner. I don't want to import this, I just want footage of Margaret. This game has been so low on my radar that I just realized it already launched lol.
  3. Chrono Phantasma Speculations/Theories [rules updated 10/14]

    Sorry Raziel, I don't understand what you mean. Did you say that the article says that Lambda is remade to serve Hazama? (Also, I thought Nu already served that purpose...)
  4. BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    Are you just maybe thinking of this? I looked at it and thought it looked like the same pose and expression, just mirrored.
  5. Blazblue: Short Stories and Novel Discussion

    Oh wow, that's way younger than I was thinking. So Relius isn't fully evil yet, this is really interesting. I hope that Naoto and Raquel stuff can take a backseat for a bit to focus on Relius and Valk. Man, now I'm invested
  6. Blazblue: Short Stories and Novel Discussion

    I was wondering why he looked older here, but now that you mention his temperament problem, I get the impression that his "age" is just him looking more wolf-like and that if he calmed down, he'd look young like he was during the Dark War? I just assumed that his mood swings were because he was also a wolf, but this makes more sense. Also, forgot to mention this, but I got the impression that Relius isn't so sadistic in BE as in CSE/CP, what with giving Naoto and Raquel that advice? It's probably too early to say though, I guess. I can't wait to know the deal with Relius' mask lol. I thought his eyes got messed up when he fell through the cauldron and ended up in the present, but BE to predates that. Honestly didn't think I'd be so excited for this LN .__.
  7. [CP] Carl Clover Gameplay Discussion (Changelog in OP)

    I've been reading about that list in the Gameplay thread. It's just saltiness and overreactions imo. I think Carl is great, just not God-tier great lol. Also, in regards to Carl being underplayed: Do you guys have trouble in Carl mirrors? What do you do? I don't think I've ever played a Carl mirror in CP. I already have like 0 Carl matchup experience due to playing my same 3 friends for years til just now.
  8. Blazblue: Short Stories and Novel Discussion

    Man, Valk sounds like he really hates immortals, the way you describe that scene, Zedar o.o Really hope the new parts elaborate on Valk and Relius, not really interested in Raquel and Naoto for the moment (that shadow thing sounds too much like Bakemonogatari lol).
  9. BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    So is it more likely we're going to get a sequel manga or that these characters will appear in the next BB game? I like Mai enough when she's on screen with Taro, but any time she's with Noel et al, it gets really fanservicey/uninteresting to me. Also, that ending summary..That was pretty abrupt. Did they run out of money? lol
  10. Question about that spell, actually. Just want to confirm that it was only placed on him after they had sealed him in that Freezer the first time? I really want them to explain where his power comes from though.
  11. [CP] Carl Clover Gameplay Discussion (Changelog in OP)

    To be honest, it's hard to say what's "vital" since Carl has so many options and a lot of it is dependant on your spacing and doll meter remaining. I think you can get away with just using Challenge Mode combos til you feel familiar enough to freestyle and then check out the combo thread for ideas on what works for you. Most Carl combos feel like Lego blocks to me in the sense that you have a Starter Block, then you have your Combo Filler Block and then your last piece is your Ender/oki Block. I might be the only one who feels that way though lol. The Clap Loop comes from the first BB game and it's not in anymore so it's not necessary to learn. It was basically bouncing the opponent off of an 8D hit into an air grab. If the opponent teched, they got hit by 8D back into another grab and if they didn't tech, they took huge throw damage and bounced off 8D into another grab. It was pretty bad lol. When Carl's being pressured, 2A is good. Though not if you barrier, since it has little reach. If not being pressured and you're behind Ada, 5C is a good poke since it has long range. It'll sometimes goad the opponent into trying to get in since the hurtbox on that move is big, they'll try and counter you. You can use Ada to cover you/counter. If they block your 5C, you can follow with a 6D (doesn't matter or not if they block) and hop over them into CON or you can 5C>allecan to try and crossup and start some mixup. If you're fighting a character with low mobility, you can walk Ada up to them and Tenerezza (lol Tager). If they block, hop over and start your mixup. Also, once you have a feel for Carl, definitely check out the gimmicks thread, that'll really help.
  12. [CP] Carl Clover Gameplay Discussion (Changelog in OP)

    I think there used to be a guide in the old forum but I don't know if it's still accessible after the move? Psykotik is currently making one, so hopefully you'll have a guide soon. In the meantime, you can use this thread to ask some specific questions or get general advice. I'm not an expert, but here's some quick advice (that more experienced users can add to) for controlling Ada: -Generally, you want to keep Ada in front of you. Give a little space between you and her. This is to deter your opponent from coming too close. Your goal is to either force them into the corner or catch a mistake on their jump-in that you can capitalize on by getting them into CON formation and sending them to Mixup City -You want to be ready to 4D or Brio(623D) pretty much any time an opponent gets close to Ada. Be careful with timing since they'll be trying to bait those moves and jump over Ada to get you. -Most players who don't have big Carl exp will try to do long chains of attacks on Ada when she activates to kill her, you can sometimes IAD in and punish them for using meaty moves on her. More exp players will use 5A to stop her animation and then dash in, so watch out -I'm assuming you know to negative edge the D inputs, but if you don't, generally you should be holding D to ready Ada to attack and release on your attack before you need her to attack So an example in CON is 5B[D]>5C]6D[>*6Dhits*. I feel like timing is a little different for every attack, so you have to spend time finding reliable timing -There's a habit amongst beginner Carls to use Fuoco in neutral to start pressure, but I advise using it only for oki or pressuring your opponent into the corner before setting something up -Similarly, watch out for your vivace usage. It's a useful tool, but many players know to mash lows and space themselves a bit to catch Carl using it. Try to only use it (as a means of escape) when you're dealing with jump-ins or overheads -Volante is a good tool to use when you're far from Ada and your opponent is pursuing you. Upon hearing you using it, your opponent might back off to block (it's fast so they don't know how much time they have) or they'll try to open you up before they get hit. iI you manage to block their pressure, you can get a CH hit that you can follow up on, most of the time like this: *CH volante*>confirm with 5B/5C/etc>summon Ada>air combo>fuoco oki -jA is a good air-to-air move that shuts down opponent momentum. You can mash it (if they block) and at the same time summon Ada below you to keep the pressure on once you land. Watch out for characters with huge horizontal range though (Jin, Hakumen, Litchi with staff, etc) I hope that helps. I'm not really sure what else to say besides try and get allecan down and practice Tenerezza input if you have trouble with it, ASAP. Those are some of Carl's best tools and you'll need them to get good damage. Ultimately, you want to practice consistent inputs more than setups when you're just starting out since that'll come naturally when you don't have to think about timing your negative edging or worrying about your spacing. Bonus: I think this thread is a good resource for learning about playing Carl. You can watch to see how they handle certain situations and get ideas for dealing with certain characters (you can also do this by watching top JP players but the advantage here is the communication aspect/feedback if you post video too)
  13. Thanks Zedar, though, I'm not confused on what Takamagahara is. My confusion is from their "mechanism" in rewinding time. I understand that Amaterasu's power to intervene is greater than Takamagahara's, but the part I don't get is this: if they're essentially getting Amaterasu to trigger a time reset (via firing Take-Mikazuchi), how does Takamagahara control how far back time goes or when the time loop starts? Or am I supposed to understand that ALL of time has looped, and that as the viewer, we only get to see 2100-2199? I'm talking about the time during CT, not Amaterasu rewinding time in CP, that part is pretty clear to me already. I hope my question is clear this time? If I'm fundamentally mistaken about how this works, just let me know lol. Also, about the Prime Field Device that met with Amaterasu: do we know if they are separate entities? What I mean is, are we supposed to think that Amaterasu is like the Susano'o and that a soul can inhabit it, or is it more like the PFD met with Amaterasu and became someone like Noel (a PFD with the Eye)? If there's no information that points to either conclusion, I'm fine with that too. I just can't read the LNs to check to see if there's more info on it. Sorry for all the questions lol.
  14. I'm actually even more confused now lol... So Takamagahara is force resetting the world by destroying something Amaterasu doesn't want destroyed, right? In that sense, it's actually Amaterasu that is having time reset and Takamagahara is just observing the ensuing phenomena? Is this correct?
  15. [CP] Carl Clover Gameplay Discussion (Changelog in OP)

    Is there footage of some of their matches? Honestly surprised team Koko didn't win o.o