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  1. Sanity

    [FB] Menu Translations

    Thanks for posting
  2. Sanity

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    It's amusing that "new moves" at first glance probably turn out to be revamped autocombos like with Teddie's and Elizabeth's in the trailer.
  3. Sanity

    [P4A] Shadow Labrys - Gameplay Discussion

    Many grats, Adel Very good tutorial video. I've been focusing on other things lately, but this really inspires me to go back into the lab with S.Lab One question though. In the video at around 1:56 with the FC combo, it begins with Yu's back to the corner but S.Labrys suddenly ends up IN the corner. Did Yu slide under her while she was landing?
  4. Sanity

    [P4A] Shadow Labrys - Gameplay Discussion

    Needs a patch now to nerf Nanako ASAP. Never knew she had a hidden persona to give people shields. On another note, from a forum reading spree S.Lab forums are really lacking in information (as expected from a character that not many people play). Espescially regarding all the oki setups and all the sandwich fun that S.Lab is infamous for. If we could have a thread cataloging all the stuff people have found out that would be great.
  5. Sanity

    [CS2] Iron Tager General Discussion

    I haven't seen any other place meant to introduce myself, so I shall do it here. I found an arcade recently and finally got my chance to learn and play BBCS2. Being familiar with grapplers I picked up Tager. The problems start when the really good players arrive. Basically, I get stuck in a corner against characters like Hazama, Litchi, and Ragna with no real way out. So how does Tager deal with corner pressure? Turtling as the turtle I am results in death because I get eventually get hit by a low or an overhead. So far from what I've read IB 360 is the best way out but I haven't reached a level to IB anything yet. So there are any other ways? Or do I deserve to die for allowing myself to be in the corner anyway.