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  1. kiduxa

    Faust in Accent Core: Video Posting

    "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation." Is it possible to reup this somewhere? :china:
  2. Awesome post Nekich! Thank you very much! just a couple of things: Megaupload links are dead. Scripts are up to chapter 5. I've red somewhere that Ed Chang made quick summaries of Night of Knives before dropping the project. Is it true? Where can one find them? Keep up the good work. Is being very much aprecciated! :china:
  3. is it true what my friend says, that aba is portuguese? i searched but found nothing that supports that theory, although at one point in wikipedia it was stated that her birthplace was portugal only to later being changed to frasco.
  4. kiduxa

    Jams Basics Thread

    What is loop? Also, what are some basic blockstrings? :china:
  5. yes, same thing happened to me too. why did they mess up something that was working fine?
  6. @Kyosuke Kagami: it's the time the game waits to get an answer and connect to the other person. Changing it to 2 or 3 seconds let's you connect to people with more problematic connections but that usually means the game with those persons will have lags /slowdow issues. @magus_Ashtear: what's the last step? getting the shortcut option turned on? Because if you did everything right that's the last step and the one that allows the "VS NET" option to appear on the main menu. @kugler: so that's what it means. I was wondering what this chart was refering to but i've never met anyone with less than 100ms. Thank you for the info! Delay Frame = 1 33ms Delay Frame = 2 66ms Delay Frame = 3 99ms Delay Frame = 4 132ms Delay Frame = 5 165ms Delay Frame = 6 198ms --- Does anybody know how to create a second account? My brother wants to start playing too but just changing the player name in ggxnetconfig doesn't reset the stats...
  7. Is that possible? How do you setup a private server?
  8. kiduxa

    [AC] Video Discussion Thread

    Fuujin prototype loop? Can't wait to see it completed and in a real match!