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  1. That's pretty spiffy. I mean yeah, you still have to be mindful of distance to get tips goings, but it's nice to have a juicy reward for when you do. More shenanigans is always welcome. Hopefully more stuff surfaces soon as I am itching to see just how Susano'o and Mai have been changed in action.
  2. Man, Susano'o be like: "Overkill"? What's that? I'm just putting uppity little worms in their rightful place: face-down in the wretched earth, quivering beneath my foot. OK I know this is just first impressions and the people playing Jubei have not done much work with him (and "fresh character" syndrome is still very much in effect), but he is looking legit scary. He's got good pressure and mix-ups, with that "enhance" DD upping it up even further. Though what frightens me the most is his sheer mobility and I'm already trying to figure out how exactly does one even try to catch this little furball with the slower characters (Haku-men being the sole exception here because Haku-men cares not for a lot of things). It will be interesting to see how he develops further from this so color me excited.
  3. This assumes that supposed project is related to BlazBlue to begin with and that Mori wasn't lying when he said he wanted to take a break from making fighters. We've already established that in the latter scenario, Mori lies like there's no tomorrow so his words carry little evidence. And we know nothing concrete about that project in the former scenario. I am not denying the possibility for BB to switch genres, but I do think that making baseless claims like "Next BB game is not a fighter and it will have Alpha-1" is...unproductive, at least for this thread.
  4. This trend is sounding a little too off-topic-ish so I'll be as brief as I can. The general rule when it comes to Mori is to take everything he says with a grain of salt. The interview which the guy is talking about mentions nothing about the next BlazBlue not being a fighting game. You can check it out yourself here. But I'll quote the things of interest because I don't like unproven musings being presented here. Part 1: "Alpha-1" is the tentative name of the character that Mori has been teasing around for a while now. She doesn't exist, technically, in any form beyond some concept art and twitter posts. To think the next saga stars her is presumptuous. What Mori said in that interview is as follows: Translation: keep your hype and expectations in check. "Alpha-1" is not something that exists as of right now. Ergo, it is pointless to dwell on anything that she might be representing because we have virtually nothing to go on. Again, she's so far only something that Mori draws and showcases from time to time. Part 2: Mori never said that the next BB will not be a fighting game, as far as that particular interview is concerned. His primary response is that he'd like to take a break from fighting games since he's been doing it with BB for a while now. And that's perfectly reasonable on his part. He considers BBCF a complete game so if he were to do another, new BB saga, it'd need to start from scratch (whatever that means for him). We only know that BBCF concludes "Ragna's story" which was made clear months ago. Trying to predict something beyond that is grasping at straws. Long story short: don't worry about it. Start making your judgement after ASW decides what to roll out within that supposed 2 year time period. Right now we've got BBCF with Jubei+patch coming in. We also have BBCTB announced for next year. Focus on that and wait out the time until the next bit of news comes our way. All good?
  5. I see, thank you. The blowback comment was what I was having a difficult time understanding whether or not it was a good thing. I'll take a bit weaker damage and weaker aerial corner carry (it really is too simple) if it means I can do more things at midscreen. Tipper combos are something more situational but hey, it sounds like ASW is trying make them more rewarding in this case so I'll take it.
  6. Is that really the case? I've never been one to properly gauge the weight of a character's changes until I feel them for myself. Primarily I am more concerned with the supposed pressure loss and the "riskier drives" comment. Though your enthusiasm is welcoming anyway and I'd be lying if the prospect of this not being the full list didn't excite me. Anyone wanna indulge me and offer a take on Mai's changes? Beyond the 5CC no longer hitting opponent's behind her (never seen it happen and I don't believe it should), I am not sure how to interpret those changes made to her. Again, never been one to properly read and understand these things until I physically have access to them. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sorry I meant to edit that part out as just quoting Jourdal's twitter. But on closer inspection, I'd say the timer box is different and the healthbar has some other touches (like the techno-lines). Compare to this one for better results. https://apollo2.dl.playstation.net/cdn/UP1024/CUSA04191_00/FREE_CONTENTpgMgfiXxeVo7mYhDWI1F/PREVIEW_SCREENSHOT1_128272.jpg
  8. Well the HUD is different at least so maybe that points to something more than just base game DLC: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DE4ljT-XkAAitYD.jpg:large Courtesy of Jourdal's twitter.
  9. Fair enough. I'll just hope for the latter for the time being. "Summer 2017" is already here so that's a plus at least.
  10. So can someone indulge my heathen curiosity and extrapolate on the whole Jubei situation? Is he being added as DLC to base BBCF or are we getting a whole new BBCF package? I've been trying to find this out for a while now since waking up and sadly have had no luck...or am just not looking in the right places.
  11. Not even that, but I think it's just that GG shifted "gears" into their sprites from Xrd onward that trying to "go back" to ones that fit more in with this cross-tag battle game would be kinda...awkward.
  12. Far as I'm concerned, the game can come out on a goddamn potato with wires crudely attached so long as it means the game(s) are available to as many people as possible and plays sweet. These 2 new entries might be the perfect time to gather new fans/players while retaining the current ones. So I'm all for it.
  13. Holy flappin' Amaterasu shenanigans Haku-men! Jubei!? Didn't actually think I'd see the day when he becomes playable. Good job guys, your patience paid off. Now I have to dust off the rust on my fingers and wait in anticipation for the day when my Susanoo gets to grind the feline into powder. It's a good day indeed. The new multi-cross tag battle is looking promising as well. Hype is real indeed. Always possible but never expect it. That seems to be the best possible course of action.
  14. Not sure how much I like the new changes to Raven. I get that they're trying to make his Excitement meter a core part of his game and I'll certainly applaud them for that, because up until now it has been more of an afterthought (didn't help that the only way to raise it meant an extremely risky game for little reward). I'm just not sure this is the best way to go about it. It's one thing to encourage it but this feels more like they're pointing a loaded gun turret at you and demanding its use. But as with anything, this is still all loketest information and the only real worry comes when everything goes live. Looking forward to Revelator 2 now that the holiday rush is long over.
  15. You need to be more active just because cf is out dosen't mean you have to leave dustloop. Also stop saying that BlazBlue is over it's just going on break just Guilty Gear did.