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  1. I am going to make that Ragna mp3 tomorrow. And then I will become Godlike. And so you will become my brother. inb4 NII-SAAAAAAAAAAAAAN

  2. Also I was just at a con and I only lost twice at BB. Be proud. c8

  3. Also I was just at a con and I only lost twice at BB. Be proud. c8

  4. SO GET ON WHEN I'M ON. >8C I made a new AIM though--PeachDango. Add meee. <3

  5. I am on AIM silly. You're just not on when I am :P

  6. I HAVE A FEELING THAT I'M NEVER GOING TO COME ON HERE hurrr. -flies over to BB.com forums-

  7. y u no go on AIM anymore. >8C Also I finally got CS on the PS3 too, so now I've been practicing a crapton until 8 AM like a boss, as well as on my 3DS. So next time I get the Xbox, I am going to be awesome and beat you. c8 ~ Now watch Ragna and Hazama as otters dancing to Nightmare Fiction with a fish. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhFR3epj-s0

  8. HEY HEY YOU BlazBlue before my brother jacks the Xbox again kthnx.

  9. Hush you, I made your avatar. I GOT THIS.

  10. I never knew you were so free at simple forum sites too, Mel. <3

  11. Camila would call this comment virginity taking. I call it spam. c8 or me just trying to get used to DL THERE IS NO SMALL TEXT this makes me sad. Hi.