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  1. if you dont mind,can i request a avatar gif where sol is using tyrant rave then hazama clapping his hands while sol give him a thumb and my name is mentioned in middle of them,no background specific and please take your time,thanks before

  2. Ps va, ya le dije a un compa :v: De todos modos gracias, wee :D (nel, no es sarcasmo)

  3. La verdad, que mejor lo hage alguien que tiene experienca con eso. :|

  4. Weee, ┬┐si se va a poder o nel? Dime, para ver si le pido a otro compa que me haga la chamba :(

  5. Nothing much, just trying to get by, get a job and all that. You?

  6. Fujiiiii, whassup?

  7. Diigggssss Long time, no talk.

  8. Damn that really sucks lol

  9. That's good. The weather here is just a mix between sun and sandstorms all year long. Hehe.

  10. Kinda cold, not really anything extreme right now, it changes a lot though, we get an average mix of snow and sun, depending on the season of course lol

  11. It isn't all that bad after you get used to it... But it is somewhat exciting when the weather is cloudy. So many sunny days. .-. That aside, how is the weather up there?

  12. The Desert eh? That can't be all that fun.

  13. Yeah... And since no one is used to snow in the desert, everything closes. Last year the power company had to do blackouts to conserve power. Hopefully that won't happen this year.

  14. :< I hate snow, it's cold, it's wet, and it makes something as simple as walking a pain in the ass.

  15. Pretty good. Kinda cold though, it snowed last night.