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  1. sonnywortzik

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Yeah from what I remembered the steam version took care of the problems from consoles.
  2. sonnywortzik

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I know a handful of EU players on this IRC that has it on PS3 and PC. Rizon is the server & /vg/arcsysgames is the channel https://qchat.rizon.net/?channels=/vg/arcsysgames
  3. sonnywortzik

    [LM] Arcana Heart 3 Q&A Thread

    There is the arcana heart skype chat that is pretty active that you guys can play with others there.
  4. sonnywortzik

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I suggest picking up faust as well ky, sol, axl, & maybe kliff.
  5. sonnywortzik

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    We have the skype chat for +R if you wanna get in on it? There are lots of people to play with on there.
  6. sonnywortzik

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    That list is pretty similar to what the JP wiki has. http://seesaawiki.jp/w/ggxx_matome/d/%ba%c7%b6%af%a4%ce%a5%ad%a5%e3%a5%e9%a4%cf%a4%c9%a4%ec%a4%c7%a4%b9%a4%ab%a1%a9#content_6 S Millia, Chipp, Faust, Baiken, Jam, Dizzy, Zappa A Johnny, Axl, Anji, Testament, Slayer, I-no, ABA, Order Sol, Kliff B Sol, Ky, May, Eddie, Potemkin, Venom, Bridget, Robo-Ky, Justice
  7. sonnywortzik

    [AC+R] Venom Video Thread (Last updated Jun. 21, 2013)

    Solid Venom player here who is great at keeping pressure which I love to see. I'm pretty sure it's Maddo judging by the playstyle and color palette. Mostly fights against a slayer and justice player. Matches end at the 1 hour mark before the Justice player plays the CPU for 30 minutes and then the stream switches to BBCP. http://www.twitch.tv/central804/b/402055268
  8. sonnywortzik

    [AC+] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Right on man yeah I hang in /vg/ although not much in the fighting general but, in the other generals that specializes in a certain fighting game. I'll add you on later today because my friends list is full so I gotta delete some peeps who hasn't been online in a while. I would like to play VF5FS again along with the other games you have listed as well.
  9. sonnywortzik

    [AC+] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Oh I think I've played you before meowmix. You played Potemkin right? Do you reside in the west coast? I too am down to play any time if you see me online. I am still experimenting with a lot of characters in GG.
  10. I still play this game from time to time so shoot me an invite whenever I'm online. I play as magnetism eko.
  11. sonnywortzik

    [AC+] PSN ID Thread

    PSN: sonnywortzik Region: Reno, NV Available: 5pm-9pm daily and free anytime on the weekends usually. I'm mediocre at this game so if you wanna body me send me an invite. I don't really have a main since I kinda like to play everyone since they're all fun but, can't play them really well. I can say my strongest chars. are venom, axl, and zappa.
  12. sonnywortzik

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I can confirm that you can play against japanese players and most likely other regions on the PS3. Don't expect to win against some japanese players though lol. There are some killers online.
  13. sonnywortzik

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I played a friend of mine from the east coast and connection was good and stable. It took me awhile to adjust to the second delay input lag but, it's very playable considering how far we are apart.
  14. sonnywortzik

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    It seems like Arc is gonna correct the issue with regions who can't download it. https://twitter.com/Yamanaka_ARC Through google translate. lol I know. "Concerning GUILTY GEAR XX ΛCORE PLUS for XBLA, we have received a lot of requests from the countries that have not got a release yet. At the moment, we are discussing additional releases in Canada and Mexico, so please wait a bit longer. If there Are Other People who want the Game Released in Their Country, Please let Us know where You Live. # Guiltygear."
  15. sonnywortzik

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I thought the XBL one is being released worldwide? I'm sure you can get it off the EU store.