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  1. well, I hope you have a Skype! :)

  2. nah, im actually going to give it a shot this wknd though. some hina and system mechanics i'd like to squeeze in to get people started

  3. do you write on the Mizuumi wiki, at all ?

  4. ah, glad you enjoyed it. hope it serves some use to you.

  5. props to you for the Hina video man, thanks!

  6. GOS Zar

    Like a Boss: AC+R Justice Discussion

    ...Yeah, I'm quite aware of pre-+R Justice and her capabilities already...Wasn't making a comparison between the current and former forms of Justice in the first place. I was comparing Justice's overall abilities to the cast as a whole and when I mentioned "weaker" in my post I was referring to the lower-ranked/low-tier characters of AC e.g. Bridget, Johnny, etc. While considered to be "weaker" characters, the aforementioned were still able to establish some semblance of dominance in matches when given opportunities to shift momentum in their favor i.e. you couldn't let your guard down completely. Also, it's not uncommon to see reblanced characters fall into the outlier spots (either extremely strong or weak). You can look at SSF4 Yun pre-2012 or Ryougi and Seifuku Akiha in PS2 MBAA (the former being insanely strong while the later tremendously weak). Hell, we can even reference +R with Kliff and Justice (again, one character strong, the other weak). Usually an upgrade or patch takes care of such issues though, which I hope to see in the future because unless someone finds some sick tech for Justice...Methinks she'll have to get comfy at the bottom of the barrel. Seems to me like Justice users are holding back or something because I've yet to see this "deadlier" side of the character lol. I mean, you can even look at the vid you linked in your post; Justice getting bonked like in every other vid on the net. Not really a good demonstration of the character's potential, wherever that may lie, in my opinion.
  7. GOS Zar

    Like a Boss: AC+R Justice Discussion

    This character...looks horribly pathetic. It's to the point now where I just skip justice match ups in videos to avoid getting upset over how terrible the character's (re)design is. From the looks of it, it seems as if all of her match-ups are unfavorable, uphill battles, and it's obvious that she was designed with the intention to have "strong zoning" capabilities but even this is questionable as the reward for keeping an opponent out doesn't appear to be high enough and is easily evaded. Converting damage off random hits (or in general for that matter) looks like a bitch too. Kinda disappointed in this character thus far, considering the "weaker" characters in AC could still rough your shit up when the going got tough and momentum was established. =(
  8. Haha it seems a lot of veteran players came out for this (most of who I'm clueless about). Decided to go full-fledged GG head once +R becomes available all thanks to this event. Anyhow http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxd-2FxFQ75rGHFsT5Soa1YeR0T3RHxr3&feature=plcp ^^ TeamSpooky stream playlist for anyone who wants to watch themselves pop-off/get blown up/put others on blast.
  9. GOOD SHIT, DAI!!!! Had a fuck-ton 'o' fun chilling out with GG heads and touching the game again since slash days lol. My body will be ready for a Guilty Madness sequel +R Edition, you can bet your ass that. Game's too good/fun. @CRISISEDGE CHECK YOUR PM's IMPORTANT MSG. Also....THANKS FOR LETTING ME USE YOUR SHIT AND CHATTING UP SOME BB @MadScientist MINDGAME (MY BAD) Thanks for Slayer crash course. 100% sure he's the character I want to open up with when +R comes around. @Kyohei Thanks for Eddie matches. Forgot how crazy/fun/OD GG is and I (re)learned so much in just those few matches. I'll body your shit next time :3 @EVERYBODY H-Y-P-E Shoutouts to A2........................GOLD
  10. GOS Zar

    [VS] General Discussion

    http://www.dustloop.com/forums/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=394&day=2012-8-31 Just a reminder to all you monsters, furries, ghosts, ghouls, and psychopathic loli cosplayers!!!
  11. until
    8/31/12 @7PM EST http://www.twitch.tv/dirtyberet https://twitter.com/SKILLENNIUM @Next Level Arcade (Bklyn, NY) Extended Info: http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?threads/aug-31-2012-skillionaire-fighting-heat04-for-a-few-skillion-more-cvs2-vsav-a2-brooklyn-ny.167139/ Well, THIS IS IT. The last SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING event for 2012. I'm sure fans of VSAV on the forums will appreciate the epic closing we have in store as THREE finalists will be lunging at eachother's throats, shooting for first place to break away from any possible ties! All for the Multi-Skillionaire Grand Prize! Come join us to see how the series concludes in the CAPCOMENAGE. In addition to the regular titles, Vampire Savior, CVS2 and Street Fighter Alpha 2, we'll be closing out w/ the 4th and final 5v5 Team Poverty Exhibition which features none other than BREAKERS REVENGE! Get your money bags out cus there are $killion$ to be had! ==================================================================== Next Level Arcade 4013 8th Avenue (In-between 40th and 41st street) Brooklyn, NY 11232347-618-8813 www.nycnextlevel.com ==================================================================== Transportation: D Train or M Train to 9th Avenue // Alternative: B35 Bus to 8th Avenue Venue Fee: $10 Entry Fee: $3/Game (only $9 to enter all three tournaments!) *Day & Session Start: Friday, August 31th @7PM* Practice Sessions: 5pm - 7pm Sign-Ups: 6pm - 7pm ==================================================================== Featured Titles ==================================================================== CAPCOM vs SNK 2 (PS2 - Default Options (Timer 999, Dmg 2, Speed 3) VAMPIRE SAVIOR (PS2 - [***Dipswitch Setting: 1997/05/19ver***] Default Damage (DMG 2), Default Timer (99), Speed Setting: TURBO 3, No speed/mode selection) STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 2 (PS2 - [***Dipswitch Setting: 1996/04/30ver***] - Default Settings (Turbo2, Timer (99)) BREAKERS REVENGE (Via Emulator - Special Presentaiton : 5v5 Poverty Exhibition)
  12. GOS Zar

    [VS] General Discussion

    4th & Final HEAT for SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING coming up next week (Friday, Aug 31st). You guys in or near the NYC area interested in going at it in some VSAV, don't hesitate to drop by! Out-of-town assassins are always welcome too! Next Level Arcade 4013 8th Avenue (In-between 40th and 41st street) Brooklyn, NY 11232347-618-8813 www.nycnextlevel.com Transportation: D Train or M Train to 9th Avenue // Alternative: B35 Bus to 8th Avenue 8/31/12 Venue Fee: $10 Entry Fee: $3 Practice Sessions: 5pm - 7pm Sign-Ups: 6pm - 7pm More info: http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?threads/aug-31-2012-skillionaire-fighting-heat04-for-a-few-skillion-more-cvs2-vsav-a2-brooklyn-ny.167139/ Again, this is the LAST event we'll be running for SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING 2012, so if you miss out on this well. . .Yeah lol
  13. GOS Zar

    [VS] General Discussion

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psDOwdEfCdM&list=PL85EBE8648578F8B7&index=17&feature=plpp_video Playlist from 2nd Skillionaire VSAV tourney. GF's is shown first in the playlist, sorry about that.
  14. GOS Zar

    [VS] General Discussion

    Wasn't sure where to throw this, hope I have the right place: 8/2 twitch.tv/arcadelegacy [VSAV Ranbat] @ArcadeLegacyOH will be streaming a brutal Single-Game, Single-Elim style event starting @ ~9PM EST!!! You can check out their facebook community page @ https://www.facebook.com/login.php?next=https://www.facebook.com/groups/197383233629950/