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  1. For me, it's weird because the forum should be kind of cluttered, and full of information about Extend still. The cleanup was too harsh and as of now it's as if Extend doesn't even exist, new players who find themselves here have to go to the archive to find information. This place has lost its soul to me especially now. You have a fucking forum but you don't want us here talking about things? One person says groups are basically dead, another says we have to leave the site and talk on skype... Whatever, Guymam took the words out of my mouth. See you in october maybe
  2. What the hell? Can we get a social thread then? I can see how one would not want a thread of this title to be filled with clutter but there should be no reason to try and restrict our posting and fun.
  3. Well played, Guymam Well played.
  4. Dota sux if ur a fuckn noob maybe, lol, play with me Lich i'll teach u how to pwn Yea I mean, we're not a Ragna subforum entourage or anything rite? We all use Hazama style here im guessing There's some sort of pun to be made involving drills and snakes here, but I can't come up with it. Guess thats up to the author, Guymam
  5. Group therapy sounds good to me Lich, change the red box to green, also make this your avatar http://www.cyborgmatt.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Dota2_LichFront_New.jpg
  6. While we're all patiently waiting for the newest edition of BB, I'd like to casually recommend DotA 2 for anyone here with a decent computer. If you dont know about this kind of game yet, there's a lot to explain - I like to say it's like RTS + fighting games but with 5v5 teamwork. It's a great eSport. If you already play, hit me up, or if you want to learn/sap one of my invites I can teach you some shit. It's on Steam. To be honest, it was a bit sloppy in retrospect. It was my first guide ever. I think we can do a lot better, I'd also like to see an advanced tactics and strategy guide from someone or maybe a small group that doesn't involve me (I suck) I don't think I'm going to write the beginner guide for BBCP unless nobody else wants to. If this is the case, be aware I will be using the old one as a rough draft of sorts and basically just rewrite/update it to make it more professional and interesting as well as relevant to BBCP over Extend. This won't be until we get the game of course. I don't know about you all -minus guymam- but Hazama is the only reason I keep coming back to BB so it's my mission to turn all of us Americans who have no fucking clue how to play him into godlike snakechain trench coat fedorafags.
  7. God damnit, this hero is awful. I be playing BBCSE trying to do Jakatsu and my life is a sham
  8. This game has been out For Fucking Ever and we're still not getting it For Fucking Ever Gotta love it Maybe we get to play at EVO? CT Haz vs CT Nu is 5-5
  9. Yea i'll be organizing and running tourneys now, might need some help with the brackets and streams and such, but for sure!

  10. your cool with being the new Xie and running our scene from here on out right? good. the scene lives!

  11. Man I suck at this game now*, when are we getting BBCP? Does anyone still play P4? Should we make an advanced technique thread or keep it all under our hats? *was never actually any good to begin with
  12. Merry Christmas my fellow Hazamas, and the other anime players who happen to be reading this. <3
  13. Haha, so regardless of whether or not tragedy occurs tomorrow, it's still Christmas time and I have to share the good vibes. I love you guys :D It's been a fun ride, here's to hoping we get BBCP in less than half a year. (+we live to play it)
  14. I can't even get away from this shit on the god damn Hazama forums. It's been real, but, I'll see y'all on the 22nd.