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  1. pls tell me this is what i think of

    1. HiagoX


      j.2C ch bcan be followed up

  2. みたものはあとで全部まとめるけど、これだけは大事なので。J2Cが地上chするとひるみ状態になって超追撃猶予生まれる!!!!

  3. Hey Star, want to add me to the Squirrel Skype group, my Skype name is memond1

  4. Well... it is something (´・ω・`)

  5. donguri is acorn

  6. S timer on air starters instead of a lower Proration would have been hype tho 3: Thank you <3

  7. mistranslate, yes - P1s reduced, not increased. Sounds like the general across the board value is 80 instead of 90 now. Based on calculations from Tsubaki's damage in patch videos.

  8. Did they miss with air moves in the new BBCP patch?

  9. 1- My net is very slow and have a lot of spikes, its been like this for more than a week, even players with 4 bars can no longer play with me :/ 2-I broke my third pad and currently forced to play on stick, i won't be a challenge But sure, it can never hurt to try some.

  10. Soo star when are we going to have our laggy as shit FT5/10/20/infinity?

  11. ohhhhhhh right..... lol ;3

  12. I already have you on my list, you should read your friend requests more 3;