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  1. pls tell me this is what i think of

    1. HiagoX


      j.2C ch bcan be followed up

  2. みたものはあとで全部まとめるけど、これだけは大事なので。J2Cが地上chするとひるみ状態になって超追撃猶予生まれる!!!!

  3. Well... it is something (´・ω・`)

  4. S timer on air starters instead of a lower Proration would have been hype tho 3: Thank you <3

  5. Did they miss with air moves in the new BBCP patch?

  6. 1- My net is very slow and have a lot of spikes, its been like this for more than a week, even players with 4 bars can no longer play with me :/ 2-I broke my third pad and currently forced to play on stick, i won't be a challenge But sure, it can never hurt to try some.

  7. I already have you on my list, you should read your friend requests more 3;

  8. I gave up on the PS3 pads. It takes a lot of time to soften them, then the moment you do so it breaks a month after. Its like the last PS3 pads that came from production all have super stiff and sluggish pads compared to the old one i have. Guess i have to man up and go to locals with stick, still not proficient enough with it but i can still use laggy monitor OS to cover myself.

  9. Can i ask about which pad are you using or what's the best pad for PS3? (assuming you are not using the PS3 first party controller)

  10. StarGazer

    [CP] Order/Shipping Discussion

    Fastest site to order a jp psn card from = ?
  11. yep, will read it in my free time.

  12. Bare in mind that instant block can ruin frame traps. For example: Makoto's 5CC > 6B have a 4 frames gap which makes it a frame trap by nature, however, if the 5CC is instant blocked then the gap becomes 7 frames which is a wide enough gap for a 5A to come out and beat Makoto. So... Best frame traps are usually of 1~3 frames gap. Also, awesome stuff you got there Dreize.
  13. 2A~2/5B~46 to beat D DP. Timing 2A meaty to beat D DP is such a pain though. Go compare Makoto's 2A recovery to D DP start up If you could, try to hit Jin with 2A from as far as possible so when it whiffs you'll be out of DP C range. See if this works please.

  14. ID on orb oki was a common scenario for me back in CS2 days. I'm pretty sure you can pick Ragna after blocking the ID with 665A 665C w/e. Unless it changed somehow in EX then idk. Not gonna lie, Jin's DP C is dumb. I can count so many times were he escaped my Oki by eating it. Try 2A~2B~3C OS to beat it as 3C avoids the DP C by whiffing it which means you'll be free from any blockstun and he can't RC it since it didn't connect.

  15. StarGazer

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    You and your naming xD
  16. Its only once per year. Make it count.

  17. Sorry late reply. Just got on my computer. I did give the thread a quick skim, most if not all the stuff you wrote are no longer valid now or of extremely minor usefulness. Problem is i can't suggest anything better for the thread. Making such a thread for Makoto will be a pain in the tail. I'll try to think of some stuff and PM you about it later. I'd love to help the Makoto players and newbies (not subs). But for the mean time go party, Its Makoto B-Day!!! :toot:

  18. StarGazer

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    Oh wow... wooooow... Not sure if its Makoto's birthday or Noel. Even so its not as good as the rest of arts... Welp. At least they didn't completely forget about her... god exist \o/
  19. Parry lose to low hits, not foot attribute moves. In EX you can't cancel Parry with anything except 66. Parry OS exist, but no need to go for the trouble of it if you could just guard > punish them hard with meterless punish combos. Thank god Makoto punish reward is still akin to her CS2 counterpart. If we to talk about Parry in pressure then you can use it after whatever part in your blockstring then cancel it into a dash once the active 7F's end. I did it a couple of time vs you as "2A/2B/5C > 46 > 662A" and i always pushed you out of the throw range before using it to keep my tail safe. I'd still say its a bad idea. Because of the new counter hit state on Parry + throw mashing being more viable in EX = You risk yourself to eat a throw into 3K~4K while dealing 1K only successful Parry (assuming you don't have meter). Like most of her tools now, Parry can be useful but most if not all the players will just avoid it and play it normal and easy since the effort =/= the reward you get.

  20. Some shenanigans i know about Noel match up are: Try 6C in corner. It will beat both 2D and 4D while leading to great damage. Sadly it will lose to fenrir (which no one use) and have a bad follow up options compared to other meaty attacks. You can also try my own special method in midscreen which is 669B+C > 44 j.CC. If Noel used 2D on wake up then you beat her with an air throw, if she used 4D then she will whiff it and you can back air dash and get her with j.CC or j.2C although she can follow her drive up into other stuff to beat that but it mostly works fine since no one knows about this method + you can air dash forward and rest to neutral. If she wake up and did nothing you get to do a double cross up j.CC. Also try safe jump j.CC > land > 662A works fine.

  21. So far the most solid thing to do vs Noel is to use orb oki and close 2A/2B > react to what happens. Time your 2A so you can Kara barrier beat her fenrir and maybe use 1A~1B to auto confirm into blockstring or guard the 2D. Once you get respect (you wish) you can play your normal game AKA 6B meaty because the risk/reward is BS in this match up so you can't risk much with stuff such as 6B in corner unless you know they will respect you, otherwise it will be a 50/50 game in which you get 4K while she get 7K. Same thing goes for using 6B in blockstring.

  22. It was awesome back in CS2 days. You can use it > recover > block in the middle of Legacy Edge.