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  1. blazblue

    as far we know he not reply back yet and now that ASW put the game on steam it might be a small chance he can get Es,Mai,Susanoo,and classic Noel sprites and I said might not was going to get them we just have to wait and see as far them and the other things.
  2. blazblue

    there not a update the other member looking for the sprites.
  3. blazblue

    they on the front page of the thread said sprites
  4. First the open hole in the sweater meme and now the backout sweater meme happen who behind this trend before people wouldn't even give a lady waring a sweater dead look now this.
  5. blazblue

    I have BBCSEX TMML chibi and BBCSEX Character selection art I don't have BBCPEX TMML art if anyone want any of it I be glad to pm to you.
  6. blazblue

    I'm trying to do every one but give me some time and I post everyone when I'm done.
  7. blazblue

    he told you at the front page he still having issue with them.
  8. blazblue

    I have a portable version of PS if you want it.
  9. what do you need of BBCP AND BBCPEX I got it if you need it.

  10. your looking for the soundtracks here where you can get it at

  11. blazblue

    he and the ones who helping him are still trying to get the sprites rippable for now he has not post any updates yet.
  12. had you able to get the files open because I really want the sprites.