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  1. http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=Hazama_(BBCP)#Defense EDIT: Fixed
  2. Well, with Hazama and OD, you always do more damage than, since you're also draining the opponent's life. If you do a full OD combo when you're at like 20% health, you'll probably be draining like 1K from them. But I guess that's aside the point.
  3. Don't the Houtenjin OD combos need you to be low health? I don't think I've done any above 35% health that gain 50+ Then again, I haven't really worked on Haz in a while, so I'm not really sure
  4. Easy, play Terumi I don't think Hazama has any combos like that, due to the new combo system with the heat deterioration stuff.
  5. Oh, he did. I had to pay attention to the barrier gauge to notice.
  6. By air blockable, I meant that you didn't need to barrier block it.
  7. That setu- wait jakou is air blockable now?!
  8. Guess that's why they showed it in his challenge mode.
  9. Well, I'm probably gonna stick to Gashou, at least. I still haven't gotten the full timing for Jak. Zaneiga yet and Gashou feels overall easier anyway. Plus in a game with characters that have health that hang around the 10k mark, a couple points of damage isn't gonna make much of a difference Inb4 I get unlucky and have a match where I could have won with that extra couple points of damage
  10. Wouldn't Jak.Zaneiga > 5C > 6C help add extra damage to it? I doubt it'd take too much time off that the combo would drop. EDIT: I tested it and I got... 4754 damage lol. Gashou is probably a better path to go.
  11. NoSales

    [CP] Hazama Combo Theory Discussion Thread

    For me, I'll do 3C > (input 214D while the 3C animation is still going), then input/mash out 66 when he starts to go into his stance position to get the dash and press B right after. I still don't get it 100% of the time. It's just one of those things you need to try over and over again, until you get it out a good amount of the time.
  12. NoSales

    [CP] Hazama Combo Theory Discussion Thread

    First off, you need to do a dash in between the 214D and the B follow up, so you are close enough to follow up. You need to do the 214D~66B asap after 3C. Depending on the distance when you land it, you may need to do a dash 5A, which takes a bit of time to get used to.
  13. Haven't seen one posted, so I uploaded Hazama's Challenge 30.
  14. I find it funnier it only applies to Gashoukyaku and nothing else.