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  1. TrueGunnerShadow

    [CP] Noel Vermillion - Video Thread

    Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYkEwB4v8WQ For people that can't access Niconico for any reason.
  2. Forgive me. I'm bad at shoutouts so.............................................. First! Shoutouts to St1ckbug and Big E of course. St1ckbug for running anime. He work so hard for running this shit. Give him the credit he deserves. Thanks Alan. By the way, Sorry for being late for my my 2nd GG Losers match. I know you said something about messing up the brackets. I thought I was done for when I lost to I think Roldy I don't remember. But still I'm sorry. Big E for having the best event. Please expect me to come back to the next NEC event next year. I wish I can come to Winter Brawl and SummerJam but I can't. Love Your Tournaments. - Shoutouts - - If I missed anybody, forgive me please. My memories is so terrible. - Circuitous - Nice person, very friendly, he took me to the Copa friday night and took me back to the hotel. I wish I can get to know you more. Huey - I think you was drunk at the Copa but you lost to a netplaying noel (Me). You got a nice Tsubaki, I give you that. BenFish??? I think? - I appreciate for being my 3rd teammate at the last minute. Thanks! LogicHole - It was nice meeting you. I wish I get to know you more. Jyosua - Nice to meet you. GG's for beating me and BB Teams and GG Singles. I wish I get to know you more. DJ Huoshen - First time meeting you in person. I remember netplaying you when JP BBCS came out. GG's on BB Team match and thanks for the Makoto matchup advice. You have the best drink btw. I think it fucked up tone. Chosen Ninja - Nice to meet you in person. I wish I get to know you more. Hopefully we know each other more and play each other BB or P4U2 (When it comes out) when I go to UFGT. (Hopefully) Delta and Nano - Two West Coast Noel players I enjoy watching. Great performance you two. I learned a few new basics combos that can be very useful to help improve my Noel. Thanks guys. I wish I can get to know you two more. Brkrdave - GG's for that BB Singles tournament match. Great to have friends to improve your Rachel vs Noel matchup. Netplay don't give you crap Nice to meet you by the way. Tsuntenshi/Setsuna - Great to meet you in person. Very nice guy. I respect this guy for his love for his waifu. Wish I get to know you more. Tone - Special Shoutouts to your drunk side. One of my best moments ever. Experiencing Drunk Tone. Wish I get to know you more. What me died on the inside when he called Kurumster the best white boy he ever met. I think he was referring to Huoshen I think. I definitely need to see you again (when your drunk). I need to make a sequel to this shit. DarkTalon, Shaka, Daryl, and Numakie - Nice to meet you guys. Wish I get to know you guys more. Special thanks to Talon and Shaka for taking this drunk to his room. Jourdal - for being the Anime MVP at NEC14. You bring the hype to the anime crowd. BatousaiJ - A Great friend to have. He looks out for you. We need to play each other more often. Local and/or Netplay. Great Job OCV'ing the first team we played. The MVP of our team. Thanks again for joining my team on short notice. Lol to those shoutouts about me. Gotta show these guys that Noel is the damn best. "Ban Noel???" Hell to the ************* No Shinsyn - Nice guy. Great team and nice hanging out with you. Thanks for telling me about room 350. Wish I get to play you more on all games. Axis The Cat - I just don't understand why but still funny as shit. Skye and Blakmaphia - Nice to meet both you too. Akira-Shiro - Finally Met you in person. Wish to get to know you more. Good shit winning BB Teams with Omni and Danke I think it was. Tenryo - I wish I know how to play Rui on Chaos Code but great to see you still rep that Chaos Code. Its a great game. Too all that I met for the first time, I wish I get to know you all more. - Personal Shoutouts - Clarion Hotel - For Cold water, bad elevators, and no stairs to access to the first floor. Other then that its not bad. Sunday's Snowstorm - For Screwing up everyone's commute. My New RJ45 to USB. I though I was going to be screwed when I lost my RJ45 to USB cable but thanks to Gummowned but it doesn't run on some PS3. I think it made botched C-Satsuki when I was playing Malik on MBAACC but a lost is a lost. The worst part is it doesn't work on my Super Slim PS3 now. I'm going to sell it on ebay for $5. Anybody wants it. Room 350 - It was an epic Saturday night/Sunday late night with you guys. Check out what went down in room 350 here. I should get at least 2 portable chargers if I'm record something like this again and stop talking too much. My terrible Jam on GG Singles. After losing to Jyosua, Roldy (I think) and DerQ. I really need to step my GG game up. I will see everyone at NEC next year. P.S. To all the Netplayers. Share this to the Netplay General somebody please. Go to a major. Trust me when I say this, you won't regret it. Winning or Losing doesn't really matter, its about having a wonderful time of your life. Meeting new friends that you met here on Dustloop or Netplay. Its really worth it. - TrueGunnerShadow
  3. TrueGunnerShadow

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    You posted our GG's in the wrong thread. Its BBCP, not P4A.
  4. Even though I prep this months ago, I share it anyways. Booked and Pre-Reg for NEC. Where anime going to be at Friday?
  5. TrueGunnerShadow

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    What you think HK. Since xntrikcat is ???, should we bring back Extend Netplay Tournaments or wait till CP?
  6. TrueGunnerShadow

    [CSE] Online Match Session [Video Posting]

    Netplay League #7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sf7L0OmK6s Matches Timestamp in the description.
  7. TrueGunnerShadow

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Rampage chucks netplay is too good I laugh yesterday. @Hellknight_10: To Show PSN Netplayers that we can do voice commentary with Me + Skype Commentators on PSN Netplay. The Luckiest shit happened yesterday. I netplay + stream at the same time with no to minimum input lag (<-Not bad.) with slight lag spikes (maybe once in a blue moon). I'm going to stream myself netplay when CP comes out. Its going to be awesome. Shoutouts to StreamEez. A streaming program from Hauppauge.
  8. TrueGunnerShadow

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    PSN Related. For future NetplayLeague matches. There will be commentary on the next NetplayLeague, needs some Skype Commentators?? Test Video.
  9. TrueGunnerShadow

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Are you going to get a cat next so you can play with him while netplaying?
  10. TrueGunnerShadow

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Netplay...... That's some guuudddd shittzzzz.
  11. TrueGunnerShadow

    [CP] Noel Vermillion - Video Thread

    A Noel fest in this a-cho video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3Kbf2hF4DY eruran (Noel) vs Litchi
  12. 3 Hours later and still processing the video. lol Shoutouts to Youtube. EDIT 3 more hours later: The video up there is finally complete and ready to be viewed on youtube. It took 6 hours. GG's Youtube.
  13. Continue.... Magnetic Wolf vs WERKKKKK! The Dynamic Duo vs Blind & Dumb Plasma Shoe Socks vs Wolf Trigger Superior Chest vs Plasma Shoe Socks Will post the last of it Tomorrow.