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  1. Wow that route is cool, but if you're gonna spend the meter on the 3D would it not be better to just do another w5C into beast cannon?
  2. 5C does more damage than 2C now. 5C/2C/3C all have the same proration but damage-wise 5C>3C>2C. That being said, If I'm gonna to CT I think I'll use the swag rising wjBjC5C route instead. :P
  3. Nice list Kiba! You should maybe add: w[5C > 6D > j.A > 5D] > 5B > 5C > tk.214B > 6C > 2C > 6B > 2C > 236A > 5B > 2C > j.B > dj.B > j.C [3086 Damage] to corner wolf confirms.. I think it's good to always confirm into cannon when you have time, but after doing a sweep loop to mix someone up, it can be a bit hard and 6D is a safer option. EDIT: Well... maybe not. I didn't test before if you could just do the entire w[5C>236A... combo after 6D>jA. And you can. It does about 200 more damage for a little more wolf meter... So maybe the one I just listed is unnecessary. As for FC combos: I noticed 236B~236B>6D>wjA doesn't work on everyone. Forgot which character. But 236B~236B>3D>w5C seems a bit easier now. So this is what I came up with: 6B FC > 2C > 5C> 236B~236B > 3D > w[5C > 236A > 5D] > 2C > 6C > 5C > 236A > 5B > 2C > j.B > dj.B > j.C [4482 Damage] 6B FC > 2C > 5C> 236B~236B > 3D > w[5C > 236A > 5D] > 2C > 6C > 2C > j.D > w[j.B> j.C > dj.C > j.236A > j.236C > j.236B > j.214A > j.214B > (j.236236C) [4953 (5673) Damage] Both of these can have CT added after the first hit of 6B and still work if you omit the 2C immediately afterwards.
  4. Shit, is that why I was getting every single time today? I thought I'd just become godlike. ww But anyway, yeah I'm finally playing and loving it. Yeah. It doesn't work rising anymore except on Tager. Also, since I've finally sat down with the game I figured out a few things about getting 6C after j214B. In particular, you can usually get it after 6B if you take advantage of the vacuum. The opponent being further away from the corner gives you the extra time you need. In my experience delaying the 2C after the 6B is worth sacrificing the height to gain the distance. Also, you've probably all noticed, but you have to hit 6C a lot earlier than you did before. There's less hitstop or less landing recovery on j214B or something. My favorite mid-to-corner combo (boring but good): w[(jC>5B)>5C>6D>jA>5B>jc>delay airdash>jB>jA>5D]>2C>236A>2C>6B>2C>j214B>6C>3C>236B But playing people at NWM, since it was day 1 for me, I was usually just doing this caus it's easy: w[(jC>5B)>5C>6D>jA>5D]>5B>2C>jB>djD>w[jA>jB>jA>5D]>5C>236A>5B>2C>jBBC If they're too far from the corner for that, you can just do w[...>5D]>5B>5C>sjBABBC
  5. It seems to me they intentionally made it hard to get as much corner carry without staying in wolf form. I think they want us to have to trade meter for carry now more than ever. For mid screen corner carry without a command dash, you can also do things like the IAD wjBjC route (same as before), and wjAjBjA. You can actually combine the two. You do the wjABA thing after the IAD wjBjC5B. e.g. w[5B>5C>6D>jA>5B>IAD jB>jC>5B>sjA>jB>jA>5D]>5B>5C>jB>jA>jB>djB>jC You can also get this sort of extension off rozen by doing ...236C>2C>jB>djD>w[jA>jB>jA>5D]>5B... Lastly, try to get down the wjB>wjA>2C route without using a command dash between jB and jA! That gives you some extra carry into human whatever without spending too much wolf meter. For cornered j214B>6C, you just have to make sure they're higher up before the j214B. It's not always possible now and sometimes you just have to do 3C or 5B>2C>jB>jB>jC
  6. Yeah, I use type B. Was messing around with A though just to see which layout felt more comfortable with Valkenhayn. Still can't IAD's on the P1 side with this stick though. Thanks for your insight!

  7. I use type A. When I started, I just chose A because it was first. XD I've since found out B is more common in general. Doesn't really matter imo. (used to matter more before hold-to-tech) I'm very comfortable with IADs at this point.

  8. Just curious, what control layout do you use for CP Valkenhayn? And how comfortable are you with IAD's? Been messing around with things.

  9. I meant h5C. And yeah Amane is one that it wouldn't work on, heh. But I think there was another person who 5B>236A generally works on, but it doesn't in this case. It was a while back and I just do 5C habitually now. Maybe I'm just crazy. XD EDIT: Just went and checked, and yeah I think Azrael was the one. Might be the case on others, too. You could probably get it to work by just delaying 5B a bit, but I find using 5C easier and better.
  10. Hey, I just noticed you added a list of character specifics to the OP. Good job! Hahaha. I was gonna look back through all the data everyone had gathered and do a list of my own, but now I don't have to! Speaking of character specifics, I noticed a while back that 236B~236B > wj.A > 5B > 236A doesn't work on at least one character... (I think maybe it was Azrael? Too lazy to check atm.) The 236A just whiffs. But I noticed it works if you use 5C instead of 5B. I just always use 5C now. (Also, you can use that route off 5A/2A with 5C.)
  11. It was Jin just now, but I actually did it on most of the cast when I was originally checking. When exactly is it dropping for you? And yeah, it doesn't work on Tsubaki and Tager without FC. If you check the original post I have a list. @Dreize Well... again, the main purpose of those is for super/3C ender. As I mentioned before, if you shorten the one you have to do sturm, it does quite a bit less, and konig is garbage damage now. But yeah, if you're not going for max (non OD) damage or 3C oki, then I wouldn't go for them.
  12. Speaking of 5C CH... The two listed seem kinda bad to me. (unless you want rising j.C ender) 5C CH > 6C > 2C > 6B > 2C > j.214B > 5D > w[5C > 236A > j.C > dj.C > j.236A > j.236B > j.214A] [4337 DMG, 31 HG] 5C CH > 6C > 2C > 6B > 2C > j.214B > 5D > w[5C > 236A > j.C > dj.C > j.236A > j.236B > 6DD] > j.C [4306 DMG, 30 HG] That's just what I've been doing. There's probably something better... Also, I guess there's: 5C CH > 6C > 2C > 6B > 2C > j.214B > 5D > w[5C > 236A > 5D] > 2C > 236A > 3C > 236B/632146D Schwarz:[4120 DMG, 29 HG] Sturm:[5032 DMG, 28HG] if you want 3C ender but don't wanna spend the wolf meter for the 236C combo. I feel like we should be able to do better, but this is what I could come up with just now. XD
  13. What would that be? 6C + 6B into cannon ender? eg.: (CO) 5C > 236C > walk 2C > 6C > 2C > 6B > 2C > 5C > j.D > w[j.AA > j.C > dj.C > j.236A > j.236B > j.214A] [4219 DMG, 30 HG] If so: It does a bit more, but you can't super. Also if you want 3C oki that alternative does a lot less. But yeah it is good for non super damage and wolf meter since there's no dashes. However, you regain a decent amount of the wolf meter in the 236C>w5C combo with the human stuff after the cannons. In fact, if you are starting with almost full meter you'll get it all back anyway. In any case I pretty much had super in mind making those combos. I'm pretty sure it's the best damage so far in that case. (EDIT: Well, I'm sure you could get more with sweep loop) If you mean something similar to above but with j.214B>2D... Well, that also requires a wolf dash, and it's much later in the combo after all the human stuff. In that case I think doing my combo but w/o the air cannon is a much better trade off of damage to wolf meter. Also same thing with super ender and whatnot. And of course if we're talking about 5C CH, then you can go straight into 6C, but that's a different story... @Kiba: I tried the 5C one again, worked fine with both wj.Cs.
  14. tbh Magaki I don't think falling j.C is all that bad even if they emergency tech. (in the corner) But other than that I agree w/ what you've been saying... I'll double check the 5C combo when I get back, Kiba. If not then yeah just omit one of the wj.Cs. Also, I noticed the route works midscreen as well if you do a wolf brake into w5C. Like ...236C>6D>w[j.4C>5C>236A... It depends on spacing a lot but it can be pretty good for midscreen fatals. If you're just barely close enough to the corner, you can do the whole corner combo even if w236A crosses up. (You need to double jump back instead of forward on the second wj.C to get the following 2C to connect). If they're any closer to the corner, it just works the same as it does normally.
  15. So I dunno if people already knew about it, but I recently discovered the w5C after h236C route. I think it works universally off fatal and most of the cast normally. Here's a few combos I came up with using it: 6B FC > 2C > 5C > 236C > 2D > w[5C > 236A > j.C > dj.C > j.236B > 2DD] > 2C > 236A > 2C > j.214B > 6C > 3C [4240 DMG, 30 HG] [25%] 6B(1) FC > CT > 2C > 5C > 236C > 2D > w[5C > 236A > j.C > j.236B > 2DD] > 2C > 236A > 2C > j.214B > 6C > 3C [4960 DMG, 18 HG] (CO) 2C > 6B > 5B > 5C > 236C > 2D > w[5C > 236A > j.C > j.236B > 2DD] > 2C > 236A > 2C > j.214B > 6C > 3C [4274 DMG, 30 HG]* (CO) 5C > 236C > 2D > w[5C > 236A > j.C > dj.C > j.236B > 2DD] > 2C > 6B > 2C > 236A > 2C > j.214B > 6C > 3C [4068 DMG, 29 HG] (CO) 5B > 5C > 236C > 2D > w[5C > 236A > j.C > j.236B > 2DD] > 2C > 6B > 2C > 236A > 2C > j.214B > 6C > 3C [3985 DMG, 28 HG]* Of course all of these can have sturm added. As for 236B, you can do it off the two with asterisks. For the others, it will work but they'll tech in the air. Also, on all of these you can just do w[236A > 5D] > 2C (omit the air cannon) if you want to save some wolf meter. They still do pretty good damage. Lastly, my favorite. It's an alternate FC combo that I think is way cooler (and does a tiny bit more damage), but unfortunately it doesn't work on everyone. 6B FC > 2C > 5C > 236C > 2D > w[5C > 236B > 3DD] > 3C > 236B~236B > 2D > w[4C > j.A] > 5C > 236A > 2C > j.214B > 6C > 3C [4248 DMG, 30 HG] EDIT: Guess I should improve on my previous rising j.C combos with this, too: (CO) j.C > RC > j.C > (5B >) 5C > 236C > 2D > w[5C > 236A > 5D] > 2C > 6B > 2C > 236A > 2C > j.214B > 6C > 3C > 236B/632146D Schwarz:[3864 DMG, 16 HG] Sturm:[4830 DMG, 16 HG] EDIT 2: I tested the 236C > w5C route on the whole cast. It does work on everyone off fatal. Otherwise, It works on: relius, makoto, taokaka, hazama, hakumen, bullet, ragna, litchi, terumi, noel, amane, jin, arakune, carl, rachel, kokonoe, valkenhayn, bang It doesn't work on: mu, kagura, tager, azrael, izayoi, tsubaki, platinum, nu