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  1. Has Platinum's command grab been made faster in CP? I know it can be RC'd now so it's a lot more rewarding, but it looks a little faster and easier to land too... though that's probably too much to hope for.
  2. Viridian

    [AC+] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    Haha, sorry, I was only on the Xbox website when you sent your invite, so I didn't see it :s
  3. Viridian

    [AC+] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    I'll have to try playing online with you guys... I'm in the Southern US but my connection with randoms is miserable most of the time (as in lag starts on the character select screen), with the occasional good game here and there. Gamertag is ViridianBlues and I play a matchup deficient Venom.
  4. Viridian

    Accent Core Venom Thread

    Okay, I was fearing it'd depend a lot on spacing and their own options, yeah... is the startup of the move taken into account when cancelling, so CR/SA is faster to come out when cancelled into than Dubious Curve? That's the other thing I can't really figure out yet.
  5. Viridian

    Accent Core Venom Thread

    Sorry, I mean not getting punished before the special move comes out (I know how safe the special moves are on block, except for CR/SA cancel feint, which is probably a little confusing).
  6. Viridian

    Accent Core Venom Thread

    A relatively easy question on Venom but I can't really find any answer anywhere on the forums: how safe is it to cancel into a special after a blocked normal? I understand cancelling into Dubious Curve or Carcass Raid can be punished, but I'm not too sure if Stinger Aim is perfectly safe (or ball summon), whether it's a good idea to sometimes cancel the CR/SA themselves, and how much it depends on the normal used and distance. I have the feeling I've been abusing cancels a little due to not really getting punished for them, but it's hard to tell for sure at a beginner level. Thank you
  7. Thanks for the detailed response Defense does seem to mainly boil down to game/matchup experience, which is a little daunting to approach as a beginner in this game. IB in particular feels pretty difficult to time properly and (reasonably) safely, but I assume there's no real "shortcut" or trick to making it work other than practice.
  8. Is there a tutorial somewhere on general defense and how to apply instant block/faultless defense and so on? Not the basic mechanics, but how to really use them effectively, when to use faultless for pushback, or general tricks. Thanks
  9. Viridian

    [CSE] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread v2

    Not sure if this is the right thread for this post, but I just got back into Blazblue and I'm looking for other beginners to practice with. Which may be a bit of a goose hunt since I'm in Europe (France), but we'll see!
  10. Viridian

    [CS1-CSE] Litchi General Discussion

    How tricky do Litchi combos feel in Extend? I've wanted to play her in CS2 but I was a little intimidated by some of her combos (my fingers are made of wood) and a few things being character specific. I know she's changed quite a bit in CSE but I can't try her just now obviously (Europe) :s