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  1. hHEY, I did one of the Llitchi CF  color on CP Template, Let me know if you want me to do the others. ^^ and please ignore the Picture Name (It's a friend name for the color palette)

    Mexican Litchi CF Color.png

  2. Guess who's back and better than ever

  3. E3vE3 WAZ HEA

    [CP1.1] Kokonoe - Combo Thread [Updated 05/13/2014]

    I dunno if this has been found yet but you can do 6c jc.9 j.b(2) land 2c iad j.b(2) j.c 6/9d activate > stuff. I haven't gotten to test it out on everyone >~< so I dunno if it is character specific (i did it on ragna) the timing is weird after you jump cancel 6c because you have to delay j.b for a slight second. too early and they'll tech before you can get 2c out, too late and you'll only get j.b(1) which will screw it up. If anything you can just do 6c jc j.b(2) land 6a > stuff which is easier @_@ but i think that was already figured out.

  5. I’m not good with praise, you know? I’m used to rejection!

  6. Kawaii in the streets, yaoi in the sheets

  7. E3vE3 WAZ HEA

    [CP1.1] Kokonoe - Combo Thread [Updated 05/13/2014]

    I was working on some corner throw stuff and came up with in corner: grab 22a 5c 2c 6c jc j.c j.d activate > ender i came up with this for those rare moments where you have to build back some of the gravitational meter. by going into 22a instead of nD, you save gravitational meter, and if you are low, able to build some back before you get to the j.d > activate part.
  8. I want to cast spells and shit

    1. TheYukianesa-01


      spellbooks are 500 dolla

    2. E3vE3 WAZ HEA

      E3vE3 WAZ HEA

      god damn it @_@ Im just in black magic 101 WHY IS IT SO HARD TO CAST SPELLS. I should have listen to mum and go to knight school ;-;

  9. I have your trash cans hostage, seriously @_@ give me eternal nuclear power, and I shall return your trash cans. I need that power. The mush making process just can't wait and my army of darkness has turned against me. I need the nuclear power.

  10. my poor avatar gif ;-;