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  1. Guess who's back and better than ever


  3. I’m not good with praise, you know? I’m used to rejection!

  4. Kawaii in the streets, yaoi in the sheets

  5. I want to cast spells and shit

    1. TheYukianesa-01


      spellbooks are 500 dolla

    2. E3vE3 WAZ HEA

      E3vE3 WAZ HEA

      god damn it @_@ Im just in black magic 101 WHY IS IT SO HARD TO CAST SPELLS. I should have listen to mum and go to knight school ;-;

  6. I have your trash cans hostage, seriously @_@ give me eternal nuclear power, and I shall return your trash cans. I need that power. The mush making process just can't wait and my army of darkness has turned against me. I need the nuclear power.

  7. my poor avatar gif ;-;

  8. heres the deal >~> <~< you give me eternal nuclear power, and I shall return your trash cans

  9. Awww D: Koko is so fun to fight. I hope we do play in better connection in the future then ^_^

  10. lol I'm just random :D gg's to you the other day.

  11. lol YOLO = you obviously love oreos :3 i couldn't resist making that joke xD

  12. Yay ;-; I missed you so. Hold me tight (>;_; )>

  13. ._. oh lord smoose no...*runs and hides*

  14. Your new avi to too fucking kawaii for the world >~> YOU'RE GONNA KILL PEOPLE WITH IT!!!!

  15. YES YES spread the love ;-; we need more of that in the world