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  1. I want to really think through some of my suggestions before I start posting anything, but I do have one suggestion I can get out there right now. Whatever the general interface for Dustloop may be in the future, I think there needs to be a side or top bar with all the important links such as the Wiki and Stream tabs that auto-scrolls with whatever thread you're in. These bars would have drop down menus as well leading to character forums that could allow a member to open a new tab/window in their browser without leaving whatever discussion they were apart of at that time. The reason for this is that, as stated numerous times, there is a ridiculous amount of information available to those that visit Dustloop. It takes too much effort to go from one thread or even one forum to another. You can't readily do such a thing, with any attempts at doing so being a chore. If you could just sort of 'jump' to another similar discussion without taking time to weave through a number of threads (an example being from one character's matchup thread to the opposing character's matchup thread), you could quickly see if any relevant information was already dropped, leave comments in both threads since the discussion in both is relevant to your interests, and there would...well, be actual discussion! You would have players of both characters interacting with each other instead of having players of one character talk about a matchup in purely their own thread and the same situation happening for the other character. Maybe this would require a complete transfer to another forum system, but I feel like it could help deal with inactivity and lack of consistent discussion.
  2. OmnixTSC

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Q&A Thread

    I'll test it at some point, but my guess is that Wings of Purgatory has a certain amount of projectile durability, but the animation itself doesn't go away because of how big it is even after that durability wears off. So Maziodyne is beating it, but the animation still follows through, if that makes sense.
  3. OmnixTSC

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    That oki was beyond dumb in P4U. I guess you guys wouldn't mind bullying people with it, though lol
  4. OmnixTSC

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    I understand what you mean, but I don't agree with you. I was exaggerating with the 'she probably won't even open you up in the first place' thing and should've used some emotes or something to convey that, but what I really meant is that she can't maintain offense with how she covers options in 1.1 and somewhat in 2.0. Not super well, anyways (thanks, fuzzy meta). Outside of calling out fuzzy jumps, everything else she needs to pressure the opponent is there. Liz has great stagger pressure that can easily throw off an opponent's timing for using defensive options. She could probably just use some more frame advantage on her dash cancels(?). I feel with the way her overall toolset works now...we really don't want Liz to have super strong pressure. She's going to have meter a lot more often to cover the issues she has on offense, so I honestly don't want her to get more stuff in that area. I really want that 5B fix, though. Her neutral is fine if you watch your spacing in 2.0 and it doesn't involve as much risk as it did in previous versions, which is great. It still requires some hard reads, but they're reads we can make with less commitment and we can still press an advantage if we don't get a hit. Also, as far as overheads go, an overhead wouldn't help her pressure as it doesn't change the fact that she can't deal with fuzzy OSes well. Her stagger pressure would be more than enough if she could cover those options more frequently without burning resources. What you listed as downsides for an air maragidyne are exactly what makes it bad in comparison to our current grounded version. If we are indeed using it high up in the air instead of TK'ing it, our options are much more limited than the normal maragidyne. You would be locking yourself into using purely air actions with a move that has a good bit of startup. This means you have no reversal options, you can't roll or guard cancel, you really can't even press a button if someone gets past the flames. Liz already has trouble covering the space directly beneath her, so in most cases this would be a free anti-air if the opponent was close-enough or at least free pressure since you can't contest this space. If they jumped over the flames, your answers would usually have too much startup to contest space and still don't cover certain ranges well. The threat from maragidyne at neutral would still be nearly nonexistant. I'm sorry, but I don't really follow your logic on the maragidyne bit. Basic player interactions would blow up what you're suggesting we could use this for (I mean, people could just run at you after seeing the startup animation as it shouldn't share one in the air with any other move) and nothing is actually different from the current maragidyne. It would still show up in the same spot, the recovery would be marginally different, but because of how the move itself works, this wouldn't change anything. Agi oki isn't a thing unless it's with 214B > 214D ender pre-awakening, and the mixup would actually be worse with the air version as you wouldn't be able to adjust the timing or spacing without touching the ground first which would effectively kill any 50/50 mixups.
  5. OmnixTSC

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    Her mixup is fine because of fear, it's just that she probably won't even open you up often enough for it to be relevant. If she does land a hit and keeps momentum, her mixup doesn't weaken at all and she can keep up with the rest of the cast (and even does better than some of them). If her pressure was actually good, she would be more tourney viable for me at least. They really need to change her 5B so it's not a projectile :/ Her neutral is a lot better now, but it doesn't give her answers in the matchups that have been an issue for her since Vanilla. Mitsuru, Narukami, Yosuke (MU is a lot easier without glide), and Teddie still answer her options really well, but I feel like she's fine against almost everyone else in 2.0. I feel like overall Liz works in 2.0, she just needs a little more help to get to where we want her. Also, I don't see how air maragidyne would fix anyone of her issues. You'd have to explain that one as there's no situation where I can see that being useful
  6. OmnixTSC

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    The fact that Liz has meter more often now with the way her routes changed is really big. She can get fear + a safejump 100% of the time now without spending meter pre/post-awakening (nobody does these routes, though lol). Her meter/damage efficiency went up a lot as well as her ability to just convert stray hits into damage. Since she has meter to spare a lot of the time in 2.0, she can afford to spend the meter on dealing with the fuzzy meta imo. Also, with the meta actually refocusing on ground throws because of how big the payoff for baiting a fuzzy OS is, Liz will get more wiggle room in general. Sure, she's still not /great/, but this version of Liz is probably your best bet as far as actually having options goes. She kinda has defensive options now, she has consistent okizeme, she has what it is just short of vanilla damage, her neutral is overall safer...but she still has trouble opening people up and maintaining pressure. All that being said, no one learns the things they really need to with this character. I honestly don't feel like things are going to change lol
  7. OmnixTSC

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    It's not ambiguous, so it actually detracts from the mixup on knockdown. You're better off just going for stagger pressure or a throw after the 2AB if you can't use 2D afterwards.
  8. OmnixTSC

    [P4AU] Yukari Takeba - Combo Thread

    [Corner-to-corner] (0 SP) FC 5C > 2C > mj.B > (Delay) 5C > 2C > mj.B > (Delay) 5C > 2C > (Delay) 2B > {5B > IAD j.B}x2 > 5B > H2B > 214A > 2B (Bomb Hits) > sj.236D~ or IAD j.236D~ (5566~ Damage / 48 SP) [Corner-to-corner] (0 SP) FC 5C > 2C > mj.B > (Delay) 5C > 2C > mj.B > (Delay) 5C > 2C > j.C > Hdj.2B > 665B > IAD j.B > 5B > H2B > 214A > 2B (Bomb Hits) > sj.236D~ or IAD j.236D~ (5755~ Damage / 49 SP) [Corner] (0 SP) > FC 5C > 2C > mj.B > (Delay) 5C > 2C > j.C > Hdj.2B > 2B > H5B > 214A > 5B > 2C > j.H5B (Bomb Hits) > H5B > 236C~ (5879~ Damage / 53 SP)
  9. OmnixTSC

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Q&A Thread

    I'll have a template where we can dump all of the Liz information soon. I'll post it as soon as I finish setting up the Yukari doc (which won't be until next week).
  10. There aren't enough situations where this would come up for it to be practical afaik. The reason j.B > j.D is really useful is that you can land pretty much any stray hit as long as the proration isn't too bad and convert it into this route. You can also use 236CD > j.D instead if you run out of proration to work with in your combo (as long as you didn't already use 236CD).
  11. OmnixTSC

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    There's no estimated release date. We just have to wait, sadly. Btw, I might start uploading some 1.1 Liz stuff for you guys to have more to work with. I added some more oki routes to things.
  12. OmnixTSC

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    You should be doing j.B > j.2B > j.C to make sure they're close enough for the mixup afterwards. j.A meaty safejumps most DPs, j.B will safejump Yosuke/Kanji/Margaret DP if spaced properly, and you have to just hard bait Rise's DP. It's okay. Using it depends on spacing and how your opponent generally responds on defense. You don't want to just throw it out a lot, as your options after it aren't great.
  13. OmnixTSC

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Combo Thread

    This is one of the ideas I was working with recently (now that I'm grinding the game). It's a safejump route that gives us fear for minmal or sometimes no resources and still does good damage. Liz Safe Jump Idea(?)
  14. OmnixTSC

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    So, I found some new combos for 1.1...which is funny this late in the game. I'll see if we can figure something out with editing the opening post in the combo thread.
  15. OmnixTSC

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Gameplay Discussion

    It's probably a design oversight. It happens sometimes, but Liz should rarely be sitting at that range of SP anyways with good meter management anyways.