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  1. Love you. Just sitting down to watch now. Thank you kindly.
  2. Is she losing her stock whenever she gets hit (but not blocking)? Edit: No, it looks like the swirls just disappear while she's in hitstun.
  3. Hughalicous

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Who's is that crest right at the end of the CP trailer? It's hidden amongst the static 2:38 of this video http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm20906964
  4. Hughalicous

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    Does anyone have the characters voice files? Preferably english dub. If you don't i could record myself going through the gallery, but that would take a long time, especially of you guys have the technology to rip gamefiles.