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  1. specs

    Guilty Bits video series- Official thread

    I used to have English professors who cared more about word count than merit. I shan't be repeating their folly.
  2. specs

    Guilty Bits video series- Official thread

    Remember there are three different types of learning; audio, visual, and kinesthetic (doing). Perhaps a brief pointer on all three? Just a thought.
  3. specs

    Guilty Bits video series- Official thread

    Guilty Bits will continue. Patience.
  4. specs

    Guilty Bits video series- Official thread

    I hear the guy who narrates it is monstrously handsome. Novril's handy diagram showing Eddie/Zato attacking in tandem will hopefully change some minds.
  5. I know I'm posting on a forum called "Dustloop" but I'm personally hoping for no roman cancel mechanic.
  6. From my little experience with Melty Blood it seems crouching A comprised the majority of the footsie game, so having a Melty Blood-ish game that isn't quite that is already welcome. "Footsies" isn't as bad a term as some other gaming communities. One example, for your amusement: in the early life of the now dead VS Trading Card Game, there was a popular deck based around spamming a weak-but-dangerous-in-groups character called Wild Sentinels. It was called "Wild Vomit," and "Vomit" remained the community's term for spamming. Food for thought. ;)

  7. from what i read on the srk thread they said that it would be more footsies oriented funny thing to see if its true, cuz to me more footsies oriented means that it doesnt have air dashes, btw i dont get where some people got the idea that it means that it wouldnt be combo heavy, since footsies arent mutually exclussive with combos, just looking at tekken, and how sfxt works its clear that its not the case btw why people say footsies instead of ground work footsies sounds damn gay

  8. Oh yeah that game. Intriguing.

  9. Under Night InBirth where Inbirth its read as Inverse it also has unreal black things :D here is the thread http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?11035-Under-Night-In-Birth-%28New-French-Bread-Fighting-Game%29

  10. I got every acronym there except UNIB...

  11. yeah just look at what we have at the horizont Skullgirls, BBCS Extend, UMVC3, SFxT (wich i have to admit i wasnt sure about it until now), P4, SC5, VF5 and dont forget UNIB, wich has not been anounced for consoles yet, but i cant deny that im interested to see what are they planning to bring to the table perhaps with P4 i would have to drop HnK and/or SBX

  12. I hear ya on both of those exact same things: the P4 fighter out of nowhere (which I hope is good) and the not enough time. ;)

  13. well, here excited with the news of the P4 fighting game to much games and so little time :D